Poetry Slam

During one of our post-turkey naps together last weekend, Diana and I decided to have a friendly poetry slam. We each wrote a haiku and a 2/4/6/8/2 Cinquain. See if you can figure out the poet for each. Enjoy!

Haiku 1

barking together
rescues rejoice and demand
cheese for us all

Haiku 2

gathered 'round
hereditary ghosts abide
within and without

Cinquain 1

filling my bowl
generously topped off
lovingly mixed in with heavy hand

Cinquain 2

dining as one
genetic ghosts caution
within and without our transience


BlogPaws Donation & NWIPR

Diana had grand plans of attending BlogPaws in the D.C. area back in August. Well, life happened and she just couldn't afford to go in person. The wonderful people who organized the annual conference made 4 donations of $2,500 each to rescue groups or shelters designated by paid attendees. Diana nominated NWIPR, of course, because it is the wonderful group that rescued MEEEEE!

NWIPR won!

I'm very excited to tell you about how the money was used.  Below is the email Diana received from NWIPR. I'll let them tell us what they decided to do.

We couldn't be more pleased and wish them all the best in their rescue efforts all across the state now.

Hello Diana:

Well after many meetings and discussions, we determined the best use for the money and how to help the most dogs now and in the future!!!

We had been saving for a rescue vehicle for transports (especially in the winter months) and the $2500 from Sasha and Blog Paws gave us what we needed to make the purchase. We found a used all wheel drive MiniVan/SUV cross over that is a 4 cylinder (gas money savings but still enough get up and go for the transports as it is a large 4 cylinder) and it is an extended version so 18 more inches of cargo room. This vehicle is allowing us to do transports to the central and eastern parts of the states that many other rescues are unable to do, which is allowing us to help save the dogs there that face an unfortunate future due to the over crowding of the shelters and just not enough space and resources. While we are small we can not save them all, but the ones we do save will be able to find wonderful homes and and make room for the others that come in.

This weekend is our first snow trip. We are picking up the mom of the pups that arrived by flight and maybe a couple other small dogs and while we are doing this helping some others get out to other rescues. 2 border collies for another rescue group, a senior great dane/great pyrenese and pit pup for another group (list is not yet complete. All dogs that face uncertain futures in the shelters due to breed, age, and space.

We cannot thank you enough for thinking of us for the blog paws award money and after many discussions we felt this was the best use of the money as it will help MANY dogs get into rescue that otherwise do not have a ride. So when we make a trip of our own we fill up with others for other groups to ensure we can help as many dogs as possible!!!!!!! We felt this was a GREAT use of the money that would have the best benefit to the many dogs that need help!

Thank you so so so so much!!!!!!!!!

~~NWIPR Team
Northwest International Pet Rescue
An ALL volunteer run organization
NWIPR is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization and a registered WA Charity


Bored Takes a Holiday

I posted this picture on my Twitter page with the word, “Bored”.

One of my pals basically said, “Quit whining and go for a walk if you’re bored." Well, okay then. I did.

Walking along with Diana and Michael got me to thinking. Yes, yes, I know that usually gets me in trouble, but not this time.
* * * *
There are terrible things in this world;
balanced by beautiful days.

There are times when I feel I've been left behind;
balanced by times I feel I've found the only place I belong.

There are times when I can’t look;
balanced by times when I can’t stop.

During late October my neighborhood trees catch fire then blaze into quiet renewal. I guess trees can’t party all the time. Old leaves fall away to make room for new ones.

There is a metaphor for life in there somewhere, but, well, as I’m a dog I can’t quite grasp it. I can enjoy a nice walk with Michael though.