Holly Jolly Christmas This Year

Christmas was wonderful this year. I never had many toys before and I don’t really know how to play with them - except to destuff them when I can…

Things started out kind of rocky. Diana & Michael put up our tree. Then nothing for days - just air blowing around the skirt. Where were the gifts? What’s the purpose of a tree if not to protect my prezzies from the harsh elements of the living room? As you can see, I was getting a bit nervous.

One night I had to sit all by myself because Diana was wrapping gifts for everyone. I tried begging to get on her lap, but she said she was busy and I would have to make do. See my sad face. Sheesh, what does it take to break her?

Miffed and not afraid to show it

Work the eyes - Work the eyes
The next day she came home early and we started baking cookies. I love cookies. Diana’s friend from the office made some just for me. Just for me and "nodoggie" else. Wow!

On Friday the 24th, things got super busy. Michael got out the vacuum. I hate that nasty machine. I barked and barked, but it never listens to me. Just swishes around and around the rooms doing its business. By early evening, all the food was in the oven.

Can you guess what we had for dinner? Homemade Mac & Cheese, made with fresh Beechers cheese that Diana picked up at Pike Place Market.


OMD. I was going crazy smelling it. Oh, yeah we had lots of other stuff like fancy ham and green beans with almonds, spinach salad and special potatoes too. But, really who cares? BAKED CHEESE!

Door Bell. Door Bell.  Bark, Bark, Bark. Door Bell.  Door Bell

I often act like the world is coming to an end and attack the door when it rings. This time, when Michael answered the door, I started jumping and running around. It was Hank Bacon, Katey the Pug, Diana’s Mom, Sister and Niece. Sweet. A full house of my bestest friends in the whole world. Oooh, exciting!

Katey the Pug is very old, nearly 15 human years. What is that in doggie years?…hmmm…1st year is 14, 14 next years are 7 each, add them together and you get - oh, wow, it would be rude to tell a ladies age…never mind…

Katey wanted to rest in my pink bed until she got her energy back. I was ok with that ‘cause she is kind of like my Grandma. The ride from her house was very tiring for her, but she seemed glad to be there and not her usual “slightly grumpy from her aches and pains” self. Hank and I ran around and around and up the stairs and down and around again until we couldn’t catch our breath.

I even loaned her my pink chewy toy.  She ignored it.
Everyone sat around for a while drinking from special glasses, eating and laughing a lot.

Mac & Cheese - Right in the Middle.  Oh, yeah!
The music was playing and Michael was snapping pics of all the decorations. All of a sudden, Diana said it was time to open Pup gifts.

Diana’s sister sat with us on the floor and helped us open our gifts. It was so much fun.

We were all good Pups and helped each other taste test the treats to make sure they were good. They were.

Here is a picture of my loot. I got three chew toys and two balls, plus a funny Santa coat and a sweet rain coat with reflector tape so I don’t get run over on my walkies. I also got some stupid toothpaste and a toothbrush. For a dog, that’s like getting socks and underwear. Boring…………..

Looks a bit skimpy but it's the most I'v ever had!

I think I look silly
Soon, Katey the Pug was sound asleep again in my bed and Hank and I decided to share Hank's Mom's lap. We were soooo tired we could barely hold our eyes open.

The next morning, I got another present. A car ride. My favorite activity in the whole world. Seriously, it is.

We went to Grandma Mary's house for brunch and I got to stay all day with Diana's Sister and play while Diana and Michael went to Michael’s family holiday events. I didn’t get to go. They have two HUGE Golden Retrievers named Teddy and Rosie and they didn’t want me to get hurt with all the activities going on because their two pups are really big and I’m kinda little.

I didn’t mind. See, I’m totally stoked about staying with Diana’s sister - so much so that I forgot my manners and jumped up on the sofa. Grandma Mary doesn’t care. She lets me do as I please.

2010 was a very nice year, mostly. We did loose our dear buddy, Zeus the Pug, in the summer. He was a very good boy and I liked him very much. Grandma Mary is still very sad. But on the up side, Hank Bacon and I were rescued and became part of the family and Katey the Pug is still with us. Hank was badly abused by two different families in the last year before finally catching some forever luck and getting adopted into this family. He is working on trusting humans and doing an amazing job. I have my lust for life back and am working on a couple of things (ahem…I don’t really see why they think leash aggression is a problem) but overall I am doing great.

2011 can only be better. There is no turning back now.


Photographic Nightmares - The Prequel

Diana & Michael bought a real camera for Christmas.  No more Barkberry photos.  Mom is reading the manual tonight.  Michael is fiddling with all the buttons. 

Once they figure out how to use it - I'm doomed.  There will be no rest for me.  They will photograph me until I beg for them to stop. 

If I leave the room, they will follow me.  If I try to sleep, they will say how sweet (blech, patooey, yuck - I prefer smart, courageous, adventuresome and daring) I am and take the picture anyway. When I go outside - I better go outside by myself or there will be consequences...

Stay tuned...


I’m a Twit…er…Tweet…er…

I begged Diana to join Twitter earlier this fall. She was skeptical.

“I don’t want to know what a stranger just ate or who they are mad at this moment, Pish.”

I had a hunch it was more than that. Diana visited with @PhotosRmStry and she said, “You have to join. You will be amazed."

Duh. I’d been barking that for ages. Did she listen to me? Nooooooooo (oh, nice howl, don’t you think?)

Diana is kind of shy and does not meet new people easily and Michael is so busy with his work that he doesn’t have much time to meet new people either. At Michael’s encouragement, Diana is working on not being shy. I am helping with that. I am not shy. At all. Ever. I’m showing her that you just have to go for it. Good things will happen. Sometimes bad things will too, but that’s life, eh?

Twitter has really helped Diana get over her shyness a lot. We have found a community of wonderful people doing amazing things to help animals. They welcomed us in just like that. No questions asked. No uncomfortable moments. We don’t always chime in. We sit by the edge of this fast moving river of chatter and dangle our feet, enjoying the view. But sometimes we jump right in and paddle around.

Diana feels so blessed to have met me and brought me into her life. She should. I’m awesome. But I’ll save that for another posting later. To thank them and to help current pals in need, we started making snuggle blankets for the rescue agency that saved me. Diana is very slow at it. She is a “perfectionist” for barks sake. But we have nearly a dozen ready to go to the agency and plan on making tons more in the coming year. Diana makes them because no one in the family wants her crocheted stuff anymore.

“Oh, no, really, the lap blankets you’ve already made for me are plenty enough. Thank you.” But she spends nearly three hours a day on the bus going and returning from work. She has to do something with her hands and gets dizzy reading for that long. Voila. Sasha’s Snuggles, blankets for us lap doggies ad kitties, was born.

We are small peanuts compared to the people we follow. We are completely floored by the hard work and dedication we have found within the confines of our Barkberry and the Twitter Universe. So in this season of hope, this season of giving to others, this season of good cheer, we would like to Bark Out Loud a short mention and clap our paws together in support for some of what we have discovered:

  • Some people run rescue agencies. Their work is so desperately valuable and, unfortunately, never ending; 
  • Some people train fearful dogs to become more comfortable in a world that has not been kind to them; 
  • Some people foster dogs and cats, providing them with a safe home until their forever home can be found - sometimes this is the first safe home they have ever known;
  • Some people post information about the terrible things people do. While this if often difficult, heart rendering and almost impossible for Diana to read, she told me they are angles on earth because they shed light on evil and diminish it;
  • Some vets give their time and experienced voices to help people understand how to take care of our health needs better;
  • Some people challenge the stats quo of looking at the world and ask that we explore other ways of looking at dogs, dog behavior and human interaction with them;
  • Some expend countless hours organizing and rallying their followers to raise money for selected charities by organizing #PawPawty events. These are virtual parties of amazing proportions and fun - all on the internet with real, tangible results benefiting so many, many needy animals;
  • Some are creative and funny. They write The Anipal Times, they write their own blogs, they write books and they create amazingly cute pictures and videos for their followers to enjoy and share.
We are a blip in the Twitter Universe and yet have been changed forever by what we have seen and learned. We have less than 200 followers and follow about 250 from all over the world. Imagine what is out there that we have yet to discover and bark about!

Special Thanks to #SuePicArtist4Anipals For My Festive Look
P.S. If Sandy Paws would be so kind as to come to our house this year, Diana would like some yarn for the blankies, Michael would like some new socks and I would like some CHEESE!


A Few Holiday Words From My Sponsoring Human

Pish: Thank you for letting me take the spotlight here for one post.

The holiday season has been a very difficult time for my family in the last decade. My Grandmother died on Christmas Eve 2000. My Father was permanently placed in an assisted living facility specializing in dementia on December 26, 2001, and on December 17, 2006 my Husband was diagnosed with a condition that required immediate surgery to save his life. On December 18, 2007 my Mom suffered a massive stroke that left her paralyzed. By 2009 I had come to dread the holiday season.

Starting in the late fall of 2009 I began having dreams. At first I didn’t realize what I was dreaming about. Each dream played out its own theme built around dogs. But in each dream there was one sentence that stood out.

“Rescue me and I will rescue you.”

The sweet voice in my dreams continued unabated. By early February, 2010, I was searching PetFinder.com obsessively. I took a chance and sent an application to Northwest International Pet Rescue (NWIPR). They had a darling dog, Poncho, available for rescue. Could he be the one? Almost.

Christina reviewed our application and invited us to meet Poncho. But first she wanted us to meet a dog that wasn’t getting very much attention at all and they didn’t know why. She had been brought into rescue a few months earlier when her human family decided that they didn’t want her anymore. I read her profile on their site and agreed to meet her before I met Poncho.

The foster family lived over an hour from our house. My husband and I left work early and worked our way north to meet the little red dog with the huge eyes, funny smile and desperate need of a home of her own.

I knew that the interview was for the foster family, NWIPR and the dog to interview me as much, if not more, than I for me to interview all of them. The meeting went well but I was extremely cautious. It was really hard not to make a commitment that night. I wanted to meet Poncho first. I met Poncho a few days later. Oh, sure, he was a great dog, all right. He was awesome in fact. He wasn’t the one.

Something had shifted inside me. I was daydreaming about the little red dog with the raspy bark. I bought yarn and crocheted a small blanket for her to use while sleeping on the sofa - in girlish colors. I read and re-read her profile on the NWIPR site at least a hundred times.

I was home sick for a couple of days the week after meeting both dogs. I wasn’t up to making any decisions. In my dreams the words calling to me had changed.

“You found me. What are you waiting for?”

I called my husband at work and said the little red dog had to come to our house. He was on board with this but he wanted me to be very sure. I was. We went and got her as soon as we could.

In the next few days I plan to log onto the local pet insurance company, http://www.trupanionpetinsurance.com/, and sign Sasha up for insurance because in my family you just never know what will happen during the holidays!

The love and desire to give to another, to protect, care for and love those less fortunate than you, is what the holiday season is all about. The selfless way this tiny little dog, that we nicknamed "PishPosh", lives her life as my friend and companion, has restored my faith in Christmas once again.

Sasha is an amazing dog with a resilient soul and joyful way of approaching her world. Sasha wakes up happy every single day. I find myself wanting to do the same now. Watching her live in her world has inspired me beyond anything I have ever known. Sasha and I are now on the life-long journey of rescuing each other. We are having a grand time. The holiday season is fun again, thanks to the gift of Sasha’s love!


I Will Answer Some of Your Questions

Welcome back to Dog Day Afternoon, everyone!

Today we are chatting with Miss PishPosh. Pish is a celebrity in her own mind and has been barking about herself for a while now. We thought we would check in with her and catch up on the news.

Q: So, tell me Pish, how was your Thanksgiving?

Awesome. What more can I say. Awesome. I met my new best buddy, Hank. He came over and we partied with the humans. We didn’t hit it off so well at first. Why do boys get so mad when you bark at them? But after we went for a potty walk - we were best friends. We ran around the living room super fast and scored lots of treats. I met Michael’s family and they were really nice. I also got to see my buddy Katie the kid. So much fun in one day should be illegal.

Q: What did you think of the snow last week

Yuck. Let’s not go there again. It was fun for about 15 minutes. I like to take long walkies for over an hour. 16 degree weather was too harsh for my paws and naked legs.

Q. What’s up with the new furniture?

Argh. I don’t know. That’s a stupid human thing.

Q. Tell us, Pish, what’s your favorite thing to do these days?

Go to the beach! By a long shot.

Bet you thought I was going to say take a nap. Taking a nap actually comes in third behind barking at the dog in the skylights.

Q. Who is your best friend?

Human = Diana.  I love her so much it hurts and she loves me *almost* as much as she loves Michael.  I just couldn't get any luckier, I tell you that right now!

Dog = Zeus. Zeus was so nice to me when I joined the family. He just let me be me and wagged his tail. But he is OTRB this summer, so now it’s Hank Bacon. Hank is funny and he runs really fast. But I jump better.

Q: What is your favorite treat?

Hello? Enough with the softball questions. Everybody knows its cheese. Cheese is king now. Cheese will be king tomorrow. Cheese will reign forever.

Q. Sorry…What’s your favorite T.V. show?

Well, we don’t watch very much tv at all around here. I love this little documentary movie called “My Dog”. Diana will set it up for me on Netflix every Saturday morning. I sit right next to the tv and bark out the good parts. Not sure about it being only about celebrity dogs, but it’s still the best thing I’ve ever watched. Paws down.

Q. I see that you are on Twitter now. How’s that going?

I love Twitter! The people and animals we have made friends with are super nice. Some are doing amazing things to help rescue animals, some just have fun and some are just soooo funny it makes my tail hurt it wags so much. You should check out my followers. They are changing the world - one bark at a time. Hey, that’s my motto…

Seriously, they let us join in immediately and we feel as if we really know them. I want to send a happy Bark Out Loud to all my Twitter Buddies. You guys are the best.

Plus, I learned that one of my Twitter Buddies gets Pokey sticks as a treat. POKEY! Dogs get POKEYs? How come I never knew that (looks at Diana…). Who needs to get barked at (still looking at Diana…)?

Q. What’s the point of your blog?

To bark - what else?

No, really it’s to share that rescue dogs are amazing too. We can rediscover trust, we can be happy and we make mistakes. Just because we ended up in a shelter, or in need of a new family, doesn’t mean we are bad dogs.

I want to let people know, in a non-preachy way, that getting a rescue dog is a sound, viable and rewarding option. As a shout out to my breeder friends and dogs, I have nothing against you guys, but I have experience with the “starting over” stuff and I feel that showing my life can set an example for others to follow or simply enjoy.

Plus I’m just naturally talkative…

Q. Last question. What’s up for you in the New Year?

Oh, I have lots of new and interesting stuff in the pipeline for next year.

I heard we are going to Ashland this summer for the Shakespeare festival and to hike with Diana’s best friend.

Begging for a trip to the San Juan Islands so I can bark at seagulls on the ferry and run on the beach.

Hank Bacon and I are working on solving some local dog and cat mysteries in our neighborhoods. There is a lot of weird stuff going on and we are getting to the bottom of it.

I’m also working on a line of swag that will be hidden all around the Seattle area. Each piece will say “PishPosh Says ______________.” The “blank” will be filled in with cool and funny stuff I say. Be the first to get a piece and play along to find them all.

Ok, everyone. There you have it. All the scoop from our local gal pal, PishPosh.


Change is good?

I am not a big believer in change. Seems like a waste of energy that could be better spent on walks or naps.

Howl-ever (cute, eh?), my people didn’t listen to me when I said things were fine as they were and bought new living room stuff to sit on. Leather stuff that is not particularly dog friendly.

New Furniture - New Rules

1.     Pish can not sit on the new sofa. 
               What? You’ve got to be kidding. Grrrr

2.    Pish can not sit on the new love seat.
              I repeat - What? Are you kidding me? Grrrr

3.   Pish will be told sternly to “get off” if she breaks Rule #1 or #2 or both.
             Again - What? This will not stand!

4.   Pish can sit on the new chair if the following conditions are met:
            A. Michael is not in chair already;
            B. Blanket is covering new chair; and
            C. Diana is either in or out of chair.

As a concession to the difficulties this new arrangement presents for Pish:

5.   Pish’s new bed will be moved by chair to assist in compliance with Rules.

Really, really not happy with the new rules at all. Fine, if you want your rules complied with, #5 is just a start.

Did you hear me?
(wow - that's a lot of yelling)

Here are the my requirements to be met if compliance with your rules is to even be attempted:

1. I want an upgrade to a new super comfy, deluxe bed that is as delightfully cute as I am;

2. New bed will have a warming blanket, that is turned on whenever I am in new bed;

3. I want at least 2 new rope toys. One of these new toys must have a squeaker;

4. I want cooked rice with veggies and/or a sprinkle of grated cheese on each meal; and

5. I want to walk every night up to the elementary school so I can play with the other dogs, even if you are tired from work.

This is my official notice of canine discontentment. Irritated whining and generalized disgust will commence ASAP and continue until my requirements are complied with fully.

!!! You’ve been warned !!!


Snow Is For The Birds

Diana had a forced, unpaid snow day yesterday. Michael worked from home. We rarely saw him - just a few drop-ins for food or to say “Hi, Pish”, in between telephone meetings.

Seattle shuts down in the snow. Going to leave the why’s of that to another expert. I’m an expert on being pampered by Diana and Michael, so I will tell you about my day.

I took a nap. On Diana’s lap. Under a blanket. Not even going to feel guilty about it either.

Just before lunch, Diana asked me if I wanted to go outside - for a walk.

My response.

As you can see, I wasn’t that jazzed about the prospect of going out in 22 degree weather. Eventually, I relented.  Diana jammed me into my sweater, clipped my new holiday leash on and this is what we headed out into.

I made these.

My fur is skimpy and my paws are basically naked. It was sooooo cold, even with my sweater, I didn’t want to stay out long. 15 minutes and I’d had enough fun in the snow. Back in we came. To stay. For the rest of the day.

I have a wonderful life. I have humans that love me and keep me warm and safe. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I give thanks for the continued health and safety of my people and the ones they love. I give thanks for cheese, the most wonderful thing in the whole world.  I also give thanks for my good fortune and wish that all animals could have the wonderful, safe and warm life that I now enjoy. If you have the chance, please help a needy and deserving animal to have the same.

Let’s do it. Let’s…

Make The World A Better Place - One Bark At A Time


Sigh Like You Mean It

All names have been removed to protect the opinionated and the not-so-opinionated…

My people really love each other. They love each other almost (ALMOST) as much as they love me. Cool, right?

But sometimes I don’t understand them. They frustrate me.

I often don’t know what they are talking about. Doesn’t seem important to me.

“Turn the tv off. Stupid political ads.”

“No, I did not wash your favorite red sweater and shrink it.”

“I did turn the heat down at night. I don’t know how the heat bill got so big.”

“Yes, the dog is wet. It’s raining out. Of course, I will dry her with the towel before I let her on the sofa.”

See, not really important. They sometimes talk all evening long. BORING (unless it’s about me, walking around the neighborhood, car rides or cheese).

The other night, one didn’t want to listen to any more from the other.

“I’m going to bed. We can talk about this later.”

One person headed upstairs and one remained on the sofa. Talking away - pontificating (oooooh, big word for a dog) on their favorite subject at the moment. Not coming with us.

When I reached the landing, I looked back and sighed - really, really loudly.

I hate that. When it’s time for bed - it’s time for all of us to go to bed. That’s how I like it. That’s how it is supposed to be. PERIOD.

“Did the dog just ‘Bitch’ me out? Why?”

“Hmmmm. Yes, I think she did. She wants you to come to bed.”

“Oh, ok. Be right there.”

See. You don’t have to be big in size or a human to have opinions and get your point across.

^ . . ^  Woof!


It's Nap Season!

Diana gets up in the morning at 6:00am - all year long. Especially in the Spring.  Especially in the warmest part of the year. But even in the dark. Even in the rain. Even in the snow.

Hello? Are you kidding me?

I’m like the sun. I’m up early in the morning and stay up until late at night all Spring and Summer. Spring and Summer naps are always on top of the blankies, usually on the pillows.

Favorite Warm Weather Nap Location
Fall and winter? Yuuuuuuck. By late September I’m done in. Worn out. Ready to hibernate and rejuvenate. Ready to start Nap Season.

The never ending circles of the seasons play out in my sleep patterns. As it gets colder and colder, I burrow deeper and deeper into the bed, slipping down onto the mattress with just my head on a pillow. Probably doesn’t help that my sweet belly and legs are virtually naked and I get shivery really easily.

That's about the last time my people will see all of me when I'm napping.  From this point on, I’ll make an entrance in the morning for breakfast and a bit of play before Diana leaves and reward my people with my presence for dinner and some sofa surfing in the evening. But any other time, this is where you can find me.

Just my face peeking out from my down blankie
My new address is:

          Miss Pish Posh
          Girl Room Bed
          Sleepytime Lane
          Seattle, WA

See you in the Spring!


Rest In Peace, Ruger

I just learned that Ruger, one of my friends from DogBook, has passed away.  

I am very sad for his people, Max, Chloe and Mr. B.    

I wish them all the comfort his memories will bring when time heals and they are able to look back.

Travel well as you cross the bridge, new friend.  Travel well.


Heads up....Keep an eye open for "PishPosh Says..." buttons and cards hidden about town.

Be the first to collect the whole set.

How many are in the set?  Dunno.


I Wish I May - I Wish I Might

Last night should have been fun. It wasn’t. I blame my original family.

We started working on Sasha’s Snuggles 2.0. This is a big deal, folks.

My Business Card
I got to ride in the car when we went to Home Depot to get the stuff for the punch board. I didn’t even get tired waiting for them to come back or in trouble for barking at other dogs. It was an awesome trip.

Not Buckled In Yet...
The punch board for the Edgery Doo doesn't look like much but it sure does the trick.  Add some soft fleece and fantastic things happen. We are going to crank out some beautiful blankies. We’ll keep on making the completely hand made ones too. Sasha’s Snuggles is all about options. 
In case you forgot (Don’t tell me you forgot! What!) Diana is making cute blankets for the rescue dogs at Northwest International Pet Rescue (NWIPR). I barked about this earlier (see Blanket Wrangler post). But they take too long to make so we can’t make very many. There are tons of delightful dogs in need of a warm blanket (just like me earlier this year). So we had to come up with a new way of doing things.

Why wasn’t it fun? The punching makes a popping sound in the board that sounds just like small firecrackers. I was not happy at all. So unhappy I went upstairs and hid in the Girl Room. Yeah, I know. That’s really scared.

Me All Shivery
Diana quietly asked me to try and come back downstairs to help. I tried. I really did. I came down and sat next to her but I was all shivery and couldn’t focus. She went back to punching again. Argh. I couldn’t take it. I was just to upset. 

Pretending To Be Sleeping But Really Afraid

Diana followed me upstairs and said she was sorry, she would hurry up and finish so I could come back down, then she mostly closed the Girl Room Door so I couldn’t hear the wicked popping. She kept her promise and before you know it I was back hanging out. Give us a few days and we’ll have one finished and give you a sneak peek.

Why did I get upset? I wish I could tell them. Something from my past. Just like barking at other dogs when I’m on a leash. For some reason I have some big issues. I wish I was a laid-back mellow pup. I really do. But I’m not.

We all have things we could do better, things we aren’t so good at. But we just keep working away and trying really hard. My original family decided when I was a puppy, when it would have been sooooo much easier for me to learn how to behave as they wished, that rather than work with me to overcome my issues, they would take the quick route and make physical adjustments to me and hyper control my existence.

Rather than learn how to control my barking with positive means and training (read cheese) they resorted to surgery and took my voice away. Twice. Apparently the first time didn’t quiet me enough for their liking. I have a raspy whispery bark now that other dogs laugh at. (Why, I ought a…) When I became a nuisance in the house they did themselves a favor and bought a cat travel crate for me to live in.

I have a question. Wouldn’t you bark all the time if you lived in a cat crate for most of your life? Yeah, I thought so.

That’s why I love my 2nd chances family. They love me just as I am, let me roam around the house (don’t tell Michael this means the big bed too) and have me work with Jeff Tinsley (Cheese Guru) on bringing out my “mellow pup” so I can have the best life ever.

I wish I may - I wish I might - I wish my 2nd chances family will keep me forever and ever. Somehow, I think I got my wish.

^ . . ^ Woof!


Dog Math Formula #2

Note to Self:

I decided that getting into the garbage and enjoying an old, dried out cheese stick was a brilliant idea - my best one of the day, in fact. Since I was already in the mood, I also enjoyed creamy delicious butter residue on a wax paper wrapper.

Dog Math Formula #2
Dog + self perceived good idea + go for it attitude = regret

Right in the middle of enjoying the butter (a first cousin to cheese, by the way), Diana called me.

“Pish? Where are you? It's way too quiet…What are you up to?”

Uh-Oh. Quick. Think fast.

Consider running away?          No, can’t open the door by myself
Consider hiding?                    No, pink doggie bed is way to exposed
Consider groveling?                Yes, just get it over with

Slowly, regretfully, I crawled up the stairs, dragging out the last few moments before I was going to seriously be in for it out as long as possible. The second I saw Diana, I threw myself at her mercy. She’s full of that wacky mercy stuff…

“Hmmmm. What did you do?”

Maybe if I did my best doggy army crawl, flattened my ears against my head, whined, then rolled over and exposed my sweet tummy I could avoid getting a lecture.  From the top of the stairs, I watched Diana go down and discover my rash, basically not-so-good decision making.

“PISH! Get down here right now.”

Ack. No way. No how. I was not going to go downstairs and face the music. I ran into the Girl Room and settled in (I refuse to call it hiding) behind the pillows on the day bed.

Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Back up she came, grumbling all the way. Ooooooh, I was really going to get it.

“Pish. What are we going to do with you? Are you a garbage hound?  I guess we’ll just have to love you and give you cheese more often to stop this affection you have for garbage. Now, come downstairs with me and help me clean up your mess on the carpet.” 

Really? Really?  I forgot that this was my new family. I was not going to be punished for breaking rules that I didn’t even know existed. I’m still not fully used to all this trust and love stuff.

So, I quietly sat next to Diana as she scrubbed the carpet and decided that next time, and you know there will be a next time, I’m going to remember to enjoy my special finds on the kitchen floor rather than the living room carpet…

Win - Win for both of us, don’t you think?

^ . . ^ Woof


Have Some Cheese

Just a quick post this time.  

Diana's mom is very sick and we are going to visit her in the hospital.  Yeah, I know.  I can't go in the hospital.  But I can wait in the car and send my "get better" wishes to her in the form of cheese sticks.

So, Mary!  Have some cheese.  You'll feel better really soon because you did.  It always helps me.

^ . . ^  Love & Hugs


It Doesn't Really Matter If You Know Where You Are Going

The Rain Forest is no day at the beach.

I was really confused.  I thought our recent vacation was supposed to be at the beach, Ocean Shores to be specific.  Why are we driving northeast into the Olympic National Forest?  Michael said, "Relax, Pish.  We are going hiking."

(We would get lost if I wasn't navigating)

Sounded good to me.  Off we went, ready for our hike.  As you can see, I'm completely ready to go and was stoked to see some bears (or not...)

OK, yeah.  I liked it.  A lot.  No dead crabs to roll in or seagulls to yell at - but plenty of other cool things to explore.  Plus, it's one of the most beautiful places on this whole planet.  At least, the parts of this planet that I've seen so far.

I saw (smelled) lots of green moss and huge trees.

I saw (smelled) rose hips and ferns.

We hiked for nearly two hours on the Lake Quinault Loop Trail. That part was super fun.  Can you believe it?  It didn't rain in the rain forest. If it had rained, I was prepared though. Diana brought along my new pink rain coat. Super cute, eh?

Higher and higher we climbed up into the woods. The trail looked a lot like this:

Yes, you are right. That's the same picture from above. Every step of the trail looked the same to me. But, because I'm a dog and I "see" with my nose, I was in heaven. The moss, the wet leaves, the dead trees, and the giant beetles. Amazing. Not like home at all. So much to take in. I loved it.

Not sure why, but at one point we each took a turn being really quiet so we could hear what the forest sounds like.

(As you can see...I didn't take this part very seriously)

I jumped on stuff.  Super Puppy. Big, Bold and Brave.

Just like Michael and Diana, I scampered up as high as I could on the "Worlds Largest Spruce Tree" (a Sitka Spruce that is said to be nearly 1,000 years old). Super Duper fun. You should try it.

(Diana thought the tree looked like something from The Hobbit stories.  Do Hobbit's have cheese?)

All in all, it was a splendid day. I'd go back anytime. Because I was navigating - I know the way. But first, I need a nap.

^ . . ^ Woof from the Rain forest near Lake Quinault!


This Is One Seriously Good Suggestion

In case you forgot - cheese rules my life. (Silly you. How could you forget something so vitally important?)

I am as obsessed with cheese as I am with seagulls, hiding rawhide bones and barking at the dog in the skylight that weirdly enough looks a whole lot like me. (I think he’s stalking me for my special rawhide bones so I hide them in rooms with no skylights. I’m super smart that way…)

Luxating Patella Surgery Fund is seriously eating into Cheese For Sasha Fund. At least it was until my former foster mom with NWIPR sent an email to Diana with a grand suggestion.

She had a totally simple but sweet idea. She recommended that we research vets in beach/coastal towns because they see a ton of dogs with messed up knees from running and playing in the sand at the beach.

Diana is insistent that we find the right vet - not the cheapest vet or the priciest one - but the one with superb recommendations, the most experience and highest success rate. I want to get back to jumping so high I can almost touch the sky.

Thanks to my foster mom, the Cheese For Sasha Fund jar is filling up quickly again. Soon we will go to the store and get at least 500,000,000,000 packages of the organic string cheese I adore so much. (Diana says we only need one package. I think we need more because what if we have a natural disaster or something and can’t get to the store for a few days? Running out of cheese would be horrifying.)

This makes my foster mom one of my favorite people in the whole world for a whole new reason other than because she’s awesome and cool. Doggie Foster Moms make the world a happier place one bark at a time.

Do you know someone who is making the world a happier place one bark at a time? Tell me about them so I can add them to my upcoming Barks of Honor Page.

^ . . ^ Woof!


Always Be Yourself Exception No. 1

I am not a chicken. I am not a “fraidy-cat”. I am not a wimp that runs away. I stand my ground. I bark in the face of danger. I am true to my terrier ancestors.

Until I heard coyotes.

Diana, Michael and I went on vacation to the beach recently. Awesome, by the way. The place we stayed at had a nice deck so I could look out over the bushes to the dunes. (Really sweet of them to build it for me, don’t you think?)

I made the deck mine. After dinner I stuck my head through the railing begging (so said Michael. I say asking nicely) to go on another walk on the beach.

Anything or anyone that caught my attention got a welcoming barking at. People love it when I bark at them. They smile and say “cute doggie”. Not really the response I was going for, but ok.

On our second evening at the beach, we heard coyotes - off in the distance.
Bark. Bark. Bark.

On our third evening at the beach, we heard coyotes - 20 feet away.
Not Cool.
Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

I decided to revisit that wimp thing and opt for safety on the sofa, underneath a blanket.

I usually go for the “always be yourself” motto. I say to be me is to bark. This time I went for the “quiet dogs live longer when coyotes are staring at you” motto.

What do you think? What would you have done? Bark back at me. I’m open to suggestions (sort of).