I Wish I May - I Wish I Might

Last night should have been fun. It wasn’t. I blame my original family.

We started working on Sasha’s Snuggles 2.0. This is a big deal, folks.

My Business Card
I got to ride in the car when we went to Home Depot to get the stuff for the punch board. I didn’t even get tired waiting for them to come back or in trouble for barking at other dogs. It was an awesome trip.

Not Buckled In Yet...
The punch board for the Edgery Doo doesn't look like much but it sure does the trick.  Add some soft fleece and fantastic things happen. We are going to crank out some beautiful blankies. We’ll keep on making the completely hand made ones too. Sasha’s Snuggles is all about options. 
In case you forgot (Don’t tell me you forgot! What!) Diana is making cute blankets for the rescue dogs at Northwest International Pet Rescue (NWIPR). I barked about this earlier (see Blanket Wrangler post). But they take too long to make so we can’t make very many. There are tons of delightful dogs in need of a warm blanket (just like me earlier this year). So we had to come up with a new way of doing things.

Why wasn’t it fun? The punching makes a popping sound in the board that sounds just like small firecrackers. I was not happy at all. So unhappy I went upstairs and hid in the Girl Room. Yeah, I know. That’s really scared.

Me All Shivery
Diana quietly asked me to try and come back downstairs to help. I tried. I really did. I came down and sat next to her but I was all shivery and couldn’t focus. She went back to punching again. Argh. I couldn’t take it. I was just to upset. 

Pretending To Be Sleeping But Really Afraid

Diana followed me upstairs and said she was sorry, she would hurry up and finish so I could come back down, then she mostly closed the Girl Room Door so I couldn’t hear the wicked popping. She kept her promise and before you know it I was back hanging out. Give us a few days and we’ll have one finished and give you a sneak peek.

Why did I get upset? I wish I could tell them. Something from my past. Just like barking at other dogs when I’m on a leash. For some reason I have some big issues. I wish I was a laid-back mellow pup. I really do. But I’m not.

We all have things we could do better, things we aren’t so good at. But we just keep working away and trying really hard. My original family decided when I was a puppy, when it would have been sooooo much easier for me to learn how to behave as they wished, that rather than work with me to overcome my issues, they would take the quick route and make physical adjustments to me and hyper control my existence.

Rather than learn how to control my barking with positive means and training (read cheese) they resorted to surgery and took my voice away. Twice. Apparently the first time didn’t quiet me enough for their liking. I have a raspy whispery bark now that other dogs laugh at. (Why, I ought a…) When I became a nuisance in the house they did themselves a favor and bought a cat travel crate for me to live in.

I have a question. Wouldn’t you bark all the time if you lived in a cat crate for most of your life? Yeah, I thought so.

That’s why I love my 2nd chances family. They love me just as I am, let me roam around the house (don’t tell Michael this means the big bed too) and have me work with Jeff Tinsley (Cheese Guru) on bringing out my “mellow pup” so I can have the best life ever.

I wish I may - I wish I might - I wish my 2nd chances family will keep me forever and ever. Somehow, I think I got my wish.

^ . . ^ Woof!

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