Change is good?

I am not a big believer in change. Seems like a waste of energy that could be better spent on walks or naps.

Howl-ever (cute, eh?), my people didn’t listen to me when I said things were fine as they were and bought new living room stuff to sit on. Leather stuff that is not particularly dog friendly.

New Furniture - New Rules

1.     Pish can not sit on the new sofa. 
               What? You’ve got to be kidding. Grrrr

2.    Pish can not sit on the new love seat.
              I repeat - What? Are you kidding me? Grrrr

3.   Pish will be told sternly to “get off” if she breaks Rule #1 or #2 or both.
             Again - What? This will not stand!

4.   Pish can sit on the new chair if the following conditions are met:
            A. Michael is not in chair already;
            B. Blanket is covering new chair; and
            C. Diana is either in or out of chair.

As a concession to the difficulties this new arrangement presents for Pish:

5.   Pish’s new bed will be moved by chair to assist in compliance with Rules.

Really, really not happy with the new rules at all. Fine, if you want your rules complied with, #5 is just a start.

Did you hear me?
(wow - that's a lot of yelling)

Here are the my requirements to be met if compliance with your rules is to even be attempted:

1. I want an upgrade to a new super comfy, deluxe bed that is as delightfully cute as I am;

2. New bed will have a warming blanket, that is turned on whenever I am in new bed;

3. I want at least 2 new rope toys. One of these new toys must have a squeaker;

4. I want cooked rice with veggies and/or a sprinkle of grated cheese on each meal; and

5. I want to walk every night up to the elementary school so I can play with the other dogs, even if you are tired from work.

This is my official notice of canine discontentment. Irritated whining and generalized disgust will commence ASAP and continue until my requirements are complied with fully.

!!! You’ve been warned !!!


Snow Is For The Birds

Diana had a forced, unpaid snow day yesterday. Michael worked from home. We rarely saw him - just a few drop-ins for food or to say “Hi, Pish”, in between telephone meetings.

Seattle shuts down in the snow. Going to leave the why’s of that to another expert. I’m an expert on being pampered by Diana and Michael, so I will tell you about my day.

I took a nap. On Diana’s lap. Under a blanket. Not even going to feel guilty about it either.

Just before lunch, Diana asked me if I wanted to go outside - for a walk.

My response.

As you can see, I wasn’t that jazzed about the prospect of going out in 22 degree weather. Eventually, I relented.  Diana jammed me into my sweater, clipped my new holiday leash on and this is what we headed out into.

I made these.

My fur is skimpy and my paws are basically naked. It was sooooo cold, even with my sweater, I didn’t want to stay out long. 15 minutes and I’d had enough fun in the snow. Back in we came. To stay. For the rest of the day.

I have a wonderful life. I have humans that love me and keep me warm and safe. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I give thanks for the continued health and safety of my people and the ones they love. I give thanks for cheese, the most wonderful thing in the whole world.  I also give thanks for my good fortune and wish that all animals could have the wonderful, safe and warm life that I now enjoy. If you have the chance, please help a needy and deserving animal to have the same.

Let’s do it. Let’s…

Make The World A Better Place - One Bark At A Time


Sigh Like You Mean It

All names have been removed to protect the opinionated and the not-so-opinionated…

My people really love each other. They love each other almost (ALMOST) as much as they love me. Cool, right?

But sometimes I don’t understand them. They frustrate me.

I often don’t know what they are talking about. Doesn’t seem important to me.

“Turn the tv off. Stupid political ads.”

“No, I did not wash your favorite red sweater and shrink it.”

“I did turn the heat down at night. I don’t know how the heat bill got so big.”

“Yes, the dog is wet. It’s raining out. Of course, I will dry her with the towel before I let her on the sofa.”

See, not really important. They sometimes talk all evening long. BORING (unless it’s about me, walking around the neighborhood, car rides or cheese).

The other night, one didn’t want to listen to any more from the other.

“I’m going to bed. We can talk about this later.”

One person headed upstairs and one remained on the sofa. Talking away - pontificating (oooooh, big word for a dog) on their favorite subject at the moment. Not coming with us.

When I reached the landing, I looked back and sighed - really, really loudly.

I hate that. When it’s time for bed - it’s time for all of us to go to bed. That’s how I like it. That’s how it is supposed to be. PERIOD.

“Did the dog just ‘Bitch’ me out? Why?”

“Hmmmm. Yes, I think she did. She wants you to come to bed.”

“Oh, ok. Be right there.”

See. You don’t have to be big in size or a human to have opinions and get your point across.

^ . . ^  Woof!


It's Nap Season!

Diana gets up in the morning at 6:00am - all year long. Especially in the Spring.  Especially in the warmest part of the year. But even in the dark. Even in the rain. Even in the snow.

Hello? Are you kidding me?

I’m like the sun. I’m up early in the morning and stay up until late at night all Spring and Summer. Spring and Summer naps are always on top of the blankies, usually on the pillows.

Favorite Warm Weather Nap Location
Fall and winter? Yuuuuuuck. By late September I’m done in. Worn out. Ready to hibernate and rejuvenate. Ready to start Nap Season.

The never ending circles of the seasons play out in my sleep patterns. As it gets colder and colder, I burrow deeper and deeper into the bed, slipping down onto the mattress with just my head on a pillow. Probably doesn’t help that my sweet belly and legs are virtually naked and I get shivery really easily.

That's about the last time my people will see all of me when I'm napping.  From this point on, I’ll make an entrance in the morning for breakfast and a bit of play before Diana leaves and reward my people with my presence for dinner and some sofa surfing in the evening. But any other time, this is where you can find me.

Just my face peeking out from my down blankie
My new address is:

          Miss Pish Posh
          Girl Room Bed
          Sleepytime Lane
          Seattle, WA

See you in the Spring!


Rest In Peace, Ruger

I just learned that Ruger, one of my friends from DogBook, has passed away.  

I am very sad for his people, Max, Chloe and Mr. B.    

I wish them all the comfort his memories will bring when time heals and they are able to look back.

Travel well as you cross the bridge, new friend.  Travel well.