2011 In Review

I had a fabulous year, filled with Great Moments and Not So Great Moments. A recap of the Top 5 for each side of the ledger is highlighted below. Given that I am unfailingly optimistic, loving and joyous of life, I will start with the Not-So-Great so I can end with greatness!

Top 5 Not So Great Moments

1) Hurt my paw when I landed on the door thingy;

2) Lost some Twitter pals, including one of my best friends, and learned that the Mom for two others passed away. I use, with a nod and wistful smile the *giggles* expression on Twitter in memory of Rhonda Welch as Tweeting for @Cricket1230.  Also, with lasting love, travel well Dear Yoda.

3) Realized who are my real friends are and to avoid popularity contests;

4) Did not get to go to the beach this summer but did get to go on some awesome walks;

5) Contracted a drug-resistant bacterial infection that has yet to be resolved and may not have a positive outcome.  This is me feeling sorry for myself...

Top 5 Great Moments

1) Learned a new trick:

2) Discovered I love beef gravy almost as much as I love cheese;

3) Made new  friends that make my life full;

4) Cheated death by slipping my harness, running across the street, attacking a GSD, realizing that was a not my best decision of the year, running back across the street, getting rolled by the now really, really mad GSD, watching Diana run awkwardly fast, with a weird, gray green look on her face, then coming to a complete flat-on-the-ground stop when Diana’s cry of “Sasha” finally lowered enough to be heard by humans again;

5) Enjoyed glorious afternoons on my new favorite chair;

I can’t wait to see what is in store for all of us in 2012!
I’m sure it will be wonderful.

Happy New Year

Love, Sasha


Working With Uncertainty

My recent illness starkly points out the grand bargain I made with Diana and Michael. The bargain we made together that wonderful Saturday nearly two years ago.  You know the one...

Rescue me and I will rescue you.

This grand bargain has worked its magic simply, elegantly, joyfully and flawlessly without any concerns for all of us – for a while.

My Vet is reasonably optimistic that this drug resistant infection can be cured. Not 100% sure. With no specific reason for contracting it and no underlying medical issue feeding it, the whys and hows are many and apparently not answerable. So I take my medicine daily, hidden in cheese (found my silver lining), make changes in my daily routine to reduce risk via western medical options and holistic choices, and wait. We will work really hard to inch the percentage of full recovery higher.

I undoubtedly won’t outlive either of them or live as long as they would like or need. Knowing Diana, she will then experience tremendous grief, self-doubt and loneliness when I am gone. She will work through these emotions with Michael and alone. She will eventually be able to think of me without profound sadness and even, as I hope, be able to share the deep well of love she has to share with another.

Is this bargain a bargain with the devil then?

No, it is not.

It is a bargain of faith, love, loyalty, responsibility and undying friendship.

It is a bargain worthy of the risks.

And really, what more can we ask of each other?