Open Letter to @Cricket1230

Diana asked to use my blog to post the following letter she mailed to the Dad of a Twitter pal that passed away in June of 2011.  I am happy to allow Diana this forum to share her letter.

Dear Cricket's Dad:

We’ve never met. I, however, had the great pleasure of tweeting with Cricket's Mom many, many times through our dogs. I can only simply say how sorry I am for your family’s loss. It was a blessing for me to meet her through darling Cricket.

Cricket's Mom had one of the best voices I’ve seen on Twitter. With just a few words she could make anyone feel welcome and happy. I am not alone when I say that I miss her and her brilliant voice as Cricket. I often wondered why her account had gone silent last spring/summer and was heartbroken to hear of her passing. @NoCrybabyDoGs/Daffy let us know as soon as she heard from you. Thank you for connecting with her for us.

@Cricket1230 was one of my first followers when I started on Twitter. Following @Cricket1230 and watching her Mom charm their followers will stay with me forever. She showed us all how to do things right – how to be caring, genuine, silly and valuable. If there was a way to thank her, I would. Since I am not able to thank her directly, I will thank you and hope that it helps you as you recover from your loss.

With love,

Diana & @MissPishPosh


Quote of 2011

This is my favorite quote from last year. 

It's not a big, it's not written by a grand person or someone special, and it's not earth shattering.

None of that matters anyway.  What matters, to me anyway, is I think it's true.

Be Strong when you can...
Cry when you need to...