What Did You Do On Your Weekend?

I went to the beach.

It took forever to migrate there. We got stuck in something called rush hour traffic. Diana said I was great in the car. All I know is that I was bored…until we got there and Michael gave me an EXTRA big piece of cheese because I didn’t bark much at the other dog in the lobby. AWESOME.

I didn’t like helping to unload the car, but I did like the ride in the elevator up to our rooms. After settling in a bit (code words for Diana really needing to use the little girls room), Michael slid open the deck door and I ran outside. I ran so fast I almost ran off the deck into the thin air of the night, but I stopped just in time. Phew, that was close. I just learned what being on the third floor meant. I figured out really fast that from this deck, I ruled the high ground. I was no longer short. I was tall and I could see for miles. Nothing (read dogs, deer, small children and raccoons) would slip past me.


The beach smells awesome. Salty, fishy, crabby, sandy, sea-weedy, earthy and wild animaly. I stood with my nose pointed into the wind for a long time absorbing this new world. We all stayed out on the deck watching the sun set, watching Venus set, and the North Star rising. I didn’t get very scared even though it was super dark because Diana said we were r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g. Nice.

I didn’t sleep very well. Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a bit high strung. I prefer to call it vigilant. Michael prefers to call it annoying. I barked at every little thing. Hey, I wasn’t sure how to interpret the new sounds and smells.

Saturday morning was cloudy and cold. I snuggled with Diana until the sun came out and we were ready to hit the trails. I was happy.

Michael was having an awesome time leading me down the trail through the sand dunes. Only one time he tried to make me sit when another dog was coming by. As you can see, I wasn’t very good at or interested in sitting at that moment. Sorry, Michael...

Diana walks slowly! We had to wait for her to catch up. Argh, just hurry up, will ya?


OMG. I had the best day ever. This beats a three bark birthday day by 100. I ran and ran. I stopped and barked at seagulls. I sniffed dead crabs. I dug up clam shells. I got me feet wet in a scary rogue wave (when you’re my size, even the edge of the surf is a deep rogue wave).  But best of all I nearly fainted at the sight of the LARGEST dog I’d ever seen. Diana laughed and told me it was a horse. Sheesh, I didn’t know. For nearly three hours we played and played and played.

By evening I was worn out. So worn out I wasn’t hungry. Yeah, go figure. I drank a huge bowl of water and ate about half my dinner before crashing. We spent the rest of the night playing cards and laughing. I slept better mostly because I was so dog tired.


On Sunday we packed up. Again, I didn’t like the helping part but I have to supervise everything and I take my job very seriously. Once in the car heading home I snacked on Goldfish crackers. I slept. I dreamed. I woke up and looked out the front window and sighed because we were crawling up I-5 from Olympia to Federal Way. I slept some more and before I knew it, I was home.

The beach is great but home is where I rule. I didn’t know how much I missed it until I ran in the house and searched through every room barking that I was back.

All I want to know is: When are we going back?

^ . . ^



Happy Birthday Kristina !!!

July 23rd is a three bark day!

I wub, wub, wub you.  I hope you have an awesome day.

Tons of doggie kisses and snuggle hugs coming your way.



Coco might just be as cute as me.  Operative word = might.

Look for yourself.  If you dare.



And I Did It My Way

Things get done my way. If they don't, I make no bones about being upset. 

What?  You never threw a temper tantrum in your whole life?  Sure.  Get Real.  It's a strategy and it usually works for me. 

I supervise making dinner. Wouldn’t want anyone to slip on an errant piece of cheese. So why was I kicked out of the kitchen?

“Pish, go to your bed. I don’t want you under foot. I might step on you.”

Really? Really? I’m willing to take that risk.

“Pish! Out of the kitchen now!  Get in your bed.”

Ok, fine. I’ll go - but not willingly or happily.


Skool Daze

I’m going to school too! Hooray for getting smarter!

I’m in the next session of the “Reactive Rover” class - if I pass the private class before the first day and don’t get my name on a piece of paper that says “Red Zone Private Lessons Only” . . .

Dogs walking towards me when I’m on the leash bug the crap out of me. I see red, I bark at them to stay away, I do wheelies on my back legs and I loose my normal happy perspective and become another dog. Cujo has been whispered. Anybody know him?

I live for cheese, walks, cheese, my fur bone toy and cheese. I get so upset when I confront another dog, I will refuse cheese. I overheard Diana on the phone with the teacher explaining that she is really worried that my behavior is not good for me, her, or other dogs and people. She wants to learn how to help me be good. She doesn’t want me to become known as the neighborhood dog everyone avoids.

Why would anyone want to avoid me?  I’m awesome.

I try to be good. I hear Diana say “Look at me.” I hear her tell me to “Sit” or “Leave it”. Does no good. I can’t remember when or why I started reacting like this, but I just do. Last night Diana told Michael I was turning into a “JD”. Jumpy Dog? What’s wrong with that?

I’m gonna be the A++ dog in the class and put all the other JD’s to shame.

Put my diploma in a huge frame and slap it on the wall. Yep.

^ . . ^ Woof


Lets Get Something Straight

I am a terrier.  I am not a retriever.  If you want the ball so badly - go get it yourself.

^ . . ^  Woof!!


World Adjustments

My favorite ball has two rope legs.  The legs hit me in the head when I shake my ball.  So, I ate the legs off.  Life is good.


Happy 4th of July

7:21 a.m. on a Sunday is a good time to wake up. Full body stretch, a few yawns and I’m ready to go. Nobody moved. Just me. Cute dog begging tricks didn't work. What if I sniff Michael’s hand?

“No, Pish. Off the bed.”

(Note to file… the word NO just won’t transfer from my short term memory to long term memory. Weird, huh?)

Forced to stand on top of Diana, I pounced with my front legs and whined. No go. No getting up. She was listening to the blinking blue box. The same one she swears at Monday thru Friday. But today was different. The voices were taking turns faster.

(Visualize my very confused face here…)

“Pish, be quiet.”

Excuse me? Something more important than me? What was so important? What were they saying? I didn’t get it. All I heard was:

“…blah, blah…certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Maybe Buddy was awake. Sighing heavily, I threw myself off the bed in pursuit of my own happiness.

Buddy hangs out all the time in the shiny wall in the bathroom. I like her ok enough. She looks like me. But she’s rude. She won’t play with the toys I drop in front of her. She barks all the time. Barks over me when I’m trying to explain how to play. What’s her problem?

Eventually, after hours and hours of sheer doggie boredom, (ok, maybe 5 minutes) Diana was up, leash in hand. Out the door we went. I hit the streets running hard. Rainy - Cold - July - no biggie.

Ah, ha. There you are furry rodent fiend!  Today you are mine.

Screech. Argh. Halted in mid-jump. What the heck? THE SHORT LEASH!

(Here it comes…light bulb moment…wait for it…yep…now…)

This insufferably short leash is interferring with my inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness...and squirrels...and raccoons...and dogs that are bigger than me. I deserve to be free and independent.  This yoke, the short leash, must be abolished.

Yeah, you’re right. Maybe I should be focused on the inalienable right part instead of the pursuit part, but I’M A DOG.

^ . . ^



I like this site.


Life is hard. There just isn't enough cuteness to go around some days. Unless you give in and have a look.

Cuteness is to emotional satisfaction what Ruffles potato chips are to the snack satisfaction. No, not fattening. Ok, well maybe. But what I really meant was addictive. You'll be back for more. You know you will. Why? Because it makes you happy.

Wow. Dog Math Formula No. 87

(Ruffles x Can’t have just one) = (Cuteness x Me)

Maybe one day you'll see me on that site. I'm cute personified.

Really. I am.


Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthay Bark Out to my BHF (Best Human Friend) Lara and BFF (Best Fur Friend) Katey...Love you guys.