Skool Daze

I’m going to school too! Hooray for getting smarter!

I’m in the next session of the “Reactive Rover” class - if I pass the private class before the first day and don’t get my name on a piece of paper that says “Red Zone Private Lessons Only” . . .

Dogs walking towards me when I’m on the leash bug the crap out of me. I see red, I bark at them to stay away, I do wheelies on my back legs and I loose my normal happy perspective and become another dog. Cujo has been whispered. Anybody know him?

I live for cheese, walks, cheese, my fur bone toy and cheese. I get so upset when I confront another dog, I will refuse cheese. I overheard Diana on the phone with the teacher explaining that she is really worried that my behavior is not good for me, her, or other dogs and people. She wants to learn how to help me be good. She doesn’t want me to become known as the neighborhood dog everyone avoids.

Why would anyone want to avoid me?  I’m awesome.

I try to be good. I hear Diana say “Look at me.” I hear her tell me to “Sit” or “Leave it”. Does no good. I can’t remember when or why I started reacting like this, but I just do. Last night Diana told Michael I was turning into a “JD”. Jumpy Dog? What’s wrong with that?

I’m gonna be the A++ dog in the class and put all the other JD’s to shame.

Put my diploma in a huge frame and slap it on the wall. Yep.

^ . . ^ Woof

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Pish Posh Says said...


I was rejected by the Reactive Rover class teacher. What - are they freaking whimps?

Fine. Whatever.

Diana says I can go to private school now like the fancy dogs from the uppity neighborhoods.

Yeah, so there.