Facebook Saved My Friend’s Life

This posting is not an endorsement of Facebook, per se. It is a reminder that keeping in touch with each other has many benefits for humans and even for us rescue pups.

My friend, Hank Bacon, enjoyed his second birthday a few weeks ago (See him modeling his new styling Bow Tie here). We had a party for him at my house. He got some new treats, some new tennis balls, a super styling bow tie from www.BeanTownHandMade.com (check them out here), and his very own Peanut Butter Flavored Frosty Paws. Score!

Hank Bacon is sweet, smart, funny, handsome, goofy, loving and wonderful. His favorite thing to do is play Flingy Ball at the park (check out this post from New Year’s Day 2011). His life has been in a word - terrible. In the first 15 months of his life he has been with FIVE previous families and shuttled across the country from Kentucky to Washington. Through no fault of his own, he has been ignored and neglected, as well as physically and emotionally abused, apparently mostly by men.

His FIFTH family rescued him before he was 1½ years old. After much heartbreak, this FIFTH family realized the damage had been done and Hank was simply too afraid of men, especially tall men, to cope well and needed more care than they could give him. They had taken in from their daughter who had recently entered rehab. His luck just wasn’t getting any better. It looked like he was going to have to relocate once again.

Yep, you said it. Depressingly familiar story written many times about many pups. So, let’s look at the other side of the story. The part where Facebook comes in handy – their well-documented security and “information sharing with third-parties” issues notwithstanding…

Diana’s sister lost touch with her best friend from elementary school years ago. A few moves, school, jobs, kids and random life stuff are just some of the reasons they lost touch. One day they both, independent of each other, decided to sign up for Facebook. The miles and years melted away as they found each other again. They were amazed that so many years had passed and made plans to reconnect. When they did, it was as if they were in the 3rd grade again. Best friends once and always.

The friend’s sister somehow knew the FIFTH family that rescued Hank Bacon. She knew they were struggling with helping their daughter, granddaughter, taking care of their own two Boston Terriers, and helping Hank adjust. They realized it might be too much for them and for him.

Niece: I want to rescue a dog, preferably a Boston Terrier;

Sister: Yes, yes! Rescue a dog;

Friend: Your niece wants to rescue a dog? I know one that needs rescuing- a Boston named Hank Bacon;

Sister: Did you see that my friend knows a dog to be rescued?;

Niece: Perfect! I want to meet him.

Back and forth they chatted for a few days. Diana’s niece met him and, of course, fell in love immediately. Who wouldn’t? Have you seen this cutie?

The good deeds of Diana’s Sister’s Friend’s Sister’s Friend (Hard to follow? It was hard to write too…Woof!) started the process. The connections provided by Facebook (it could have been any social media platform) ended the process.

The shuffle for Hank stops at SIX.

Hank Bacon and his new “Mom” are inseparable. They are best of pals and forever friends. You can’t think of one without thinking of the other. They ride around town in an old Ford Falcon, searching for adventures, vintage items and ice cream. Hank is slowly learning to accept the company of men. He is learning what love and safety mean and most importantly he is learning that all the tennis balls at my house are actually his.

Fursday Foto - Hank and Me!

Playing with @MissPishPosh on Twitpic