2011 In Review

I had a fabulous year, filled with Great Moments and Not So Great Moments. A recap of the Top 5 for each side of the ledger is highlighted below. Given that I am unfailingly optimistic, loving and joyous of life, I will start with the Not-So-Great so I can end with greatness!

Top 5 Not So Great Moments

1) Hurt my paw when I landed on the door thingy;

2) Lost some Twitter pals, including one of my best friends, and learned that the Mom for two others passed away. I use, with a nod and wistful smile the *giggles* expression on Twitter in memory of Rhonda Welch as Tweeting for @Cricket1230.  Also, with lasting love, travel well Dear Yoda.

3) Realized who are my real friends are and to avoid popularity contests;

4) Did not get to go to the beach this summer but did get to go on some awesome walks;

5) Contracted a drug-resistant bacterial infection that has yet to be resolved and may not have a positive outcome.  This is me feeling sorry for myself...

Top 5 Great Moments

1) Learned a new trick:

2) Discovered I love beef gravy almost as much as I love cheese;

3) Made new  friends that make my life full;

4) Cheated death by slipping my harness, running across the street, attacking a GSD, realizing that was a not my best decision of the year, running back across the street, getting rolled by the now really, really mad GSD, watching Diana run awkwardly fast, with a weird, gray green look on her face, then coming to a complete flat-on-the-ground stop when Diana’s cry of “Sasha” finally lowered enough to be heard by humans again;

5) Enjoyed glorious afternoons on my new favorite chair;

I can’t wait to see what is in store for all of us in 2012!
I’m sure it will be wonderful.

Happy New Year

Love, Sasha


Working With Uncertainty

My recent illness starkly points out the grand bargain I made with Diana and Michael. The bargain we made together that wonderful Saturday nearly two years ago.  You know the one...

Rescue me and I will rescue you.

This grand bargain has worked its magic simply, elegantly, joyfully and flawlessly without any concerns for all of us – for a while.

My Vet is reasonably optimistic that this drug resistant infection can be cured. Not 100% sure. With no specific reason for contracting it and no underlying medical issue feeding it, the whys and hows are many and apparently not answerable. So I take my medicine daily, hidden in cheese (found my silver lining), make changes in my daily routine to reduce risk via western medical options and holistic choices, and wait. We will work really hard to inch the percentage of full recovery higher.

I undoubtedly won’t outlive either of them or live as long as they would like or need. Knowing Diana, she will then experience tremendous grief, self-doubt and loneliness when I am gone. She will work through these emotions with Michael and alone. She will eventually be able to think of me without profound sadness and even, as I hope, be able to share the deep well of love she has to share with another.

Is this bargain a bargain with the devil then?

No, it is not.

It is a bargain of faith, love, loyalty, responsibility and undying friendship.

It is a bargain worthy of the risks.

And really, what more can we ask of each other?


Poetry Slam

During one of our post-turkey naps together last weekend, Diana and I decided to have a friendly poetry slam. We each wrote a haiku and a 2/4/6/8/2 Cinquain. See if you can figure out the poet for each. Enjoy!

Haiku 1

barking together
rescues rejoice and demand
cheese for us all

Haiku 2

gathered 'round
hereditary ghosts abide
within and without

Cinquain 1

filling my bowl
generously topped off
lovingly mixed in with heavy hand

Cinquain 2

dining as one
genetic ghosts caution
within and without our transience


BlogPaws Donation & NWIPR

Diana had grand plans of attending BlogPaws in the D.C. area back in August. Well, life happened and she just couldn't afford to go in person. The wonderful people who organized the annual conference made 4 donations of $2,500 each to rescue groups or shelters designated by paid attendees. Diana nominated NWIPR, of course, because it is the wonderful group that rescued MEEEEE!

NWIPR won!

I'm very excited to tell you about how the money was used.  Below is the email Diana received from NWIPR. I'll let them tell us what they decided to do.

We couldn't be more pleased and wish them all the best in their rescue efforts all across the state now.

Hello Diana:

Well after many meetings and discussions, we determined the best use for the money and how to help the most dogs now and in the future!!!

We had been saving for a rescue vehicle for transports (especially in the winter months) and the $2500 from Sasha and Blog Paws gave us what we needed to make the purchase. We found a used all wheel drive MiniVan/SUV cross over that is a 4 cylinder (gas money savings but still enough get up and go for the transports as it is a large 4 cylinder) and it is an extended version so 18 more inches of cargo room. This vehicle is allowing us to do transports to the central and eastern parts of the states that many other rescues are unable to do, which is allowing us to help save the dogs there that face an unfortunate future due to the over crowding of the shelters and just not enough space and resources. While we are small we can not save them all, but the ones we do save will be able to find wonderful homes and and make room for the others that come in.

This weekend is our first snow trip. We are picking up the mom of the pups that arrived by flight and maybe a couple other small dogs and while we are doing this helping some others get out to other rescues. 2 border collies for another rescue group, a senior great dane/great pyrenese and pit pup for another group (list is not yet complete. All dogs that face uncertain futures in the shelters due to breed, age, and space.

We cannot thank you enough for thinking of us for the blog paws award money and after many discussions we felt this was the best use of the money as it will help MANY dogs get into rescue that otherwise do not have a ride. So when we make a trip of our own we fill up with others for other groups to ensure we can help as many dogs as possible!!!!!!! We felt this was a GREAT use of the money that would have the best benefit to the many dogs that need help!

Thank you so so so so much!!!!!!!!!

~~NWIPR Team
Northwest International Pet Rescue
An ALL volunteer run organization
NWIPR is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization and a registered WA Charity


Bored Takes a Holiday

I posted this picture on my Twitter page with the word, “Bored”.

One of my pals basically said, “Quit whining and go for a walk if you’re bored." Well, okay then. I did.

Walking along with Diana and Michael got me to thinking. Yes, yes, I know that usually gets me in trouble, but not this time.
* * * *
There are terrible things in this world;
balanced by beautiful days.

There are times when I feel I've been left behind;
balanced by times I feel I've found the only place I belong.

There are times when I can’t look;
balanced by times when I can’t stop.

During late October my neighborhood trees catch fire then blaze into quiet renewal. I guess trees can’t party all the time. Old leaves fall away to make room for new ones.

There is a metaphor for life in there somewhere, but, well, as I’m a dog I can’t quite grasp it. I can enjoy a nice walk with Michael though.


Facebook Saved My Friend’s Life

This posting is not an endorsement of Facebook, per se. It is a reminder that keeping in touch with each other has many benefits for humans and even for us rescue pups.

My friend, Hank Bacon, enjoyed his second birthday a few weeks ago (See him modeling his new styling Bow Tie here). We had a party for him at my house. He got some new treats, some new tennis balls, a super styling bow tie from www.BeanTownHandMade.com (check them out here), and his very own Peanut Butter Flavored Frosty Paws. Score!

Hank Bacon is sweet, smart, funny, handsome, goofy, loving and wonderful. His favorite thing to do is play Flingy Ball at the park (check out this post from New Year’s Day 2011). His life has been in a word - terrible. In the first 15 months of his life he has been with FIVE previous families and shuttled across the country from Kentucky to Washington. Through no fault of his own, he has been ignored and neglected, as well as physically and emotionally abused, apparently mostly by men.

His FIFTH family rescued him before he was 1½ years old. After much heartbreak, this FIFTH family realized the damage had been done and Hank was simply too afraid of men, especially tall men, to cope well and needed more care than they could give him. They had taken in from their daughter who had recently entered rehab. His luck just wasn’t getting any better. It looked like he was going to have to relocate once again.

Yep, you said it. Depressingly familiar story written many times about many pups. So, let’s look at the other side of the story. The part where Facebook comes in handy – their well-documented security and “information sharing with third-parties” issues notwithstanding…

Diana’s sister lost touch with her best friend from elementary school years ago. A few moves, school, jobs, kids and random life stuff are just some of the reasons they lost touch. One day they both, independent of each other, decided to sign up for Facebook. The miles and years melted away as they found each other again. They were amazed that so many years had passed and made plans to reconnect. When they did, it was as if they were in the 3rd grade again. Best friends once and always.

The friend’s sister somehow knew the FIFTH family that rescued Hank Bacon. She knew they were struggling with helping their daughter, granddaughter, taking care of their own two Boston Terriers, and helping Hank adjust. They realized it might be too much for them and for him.

Niece: I want to rescue a dog, preferably a Boston Terrier;

Sister: Yes, yes! Rescue a dog;

Friend: Your niece wants to rescue a dog? I know one that needs rescuing- a Boston named Hank Bacon;

Sister: Did you see that my friend knows a dog to be rescued?;

Niece: Perfect! I want to meet him.

Back and forth they chatted for a few days. Diana’s niece met him and, of course, fell in love immediately. Who wouldn’t? Have you seen this cutie?

The good deeds of Diana’s Sister’s Friend’s Sister’s Friend (Hard to follow? It was hard to write too…Woof!) started the process. The connections provided by Facebook (it could have been any social media platform) ended the process.

The shuffle for Hank stops at SIX.

Hank Bacon and his new “Mom” are inseparable. They are best of pals and forever friends. You can’t think of one without thinking of the other. They ride around town in an old Ford Falcon, searching for adventures, vintage items and ice cream. Hank is slowly learning to accept the company of men. He is learning what love and safety mean and most importantly he is learning that all the tennis balls at my house are actually his.

Fursday Foto - Hank and Me!

Playing with @MissPishPosh on Twitpic


Tune For Tuesday - You Are Loved

The world isn't always kind;
The world isn't always welcoming;
The world isn't always positive;
The world isn't always as we wish it would be.

On days when seeing the world as it is and not as we wish it to be gets hard for us, Diana has a few tricks to rebalance us.  We draw strength from our famly, friends, faith and the words of others who are much, much better at combining them together than us.

A rescue dog is a cast off from some other human.  Reasons for casting us aside are valid - to them.  That vailidity may not transfer to others well, if at all.  There is seemingly no end to this casting.  The energy I have to expend to recover from human decision making takes from my ability to progress and live up to my full potential.  You see, I am unfocused, severely anxious, and have health issues.  These issues are a direct result of human inattention or actual lack of care.  Some are fixable.  Some aren't.

For Diana, songs help us move forward, replenish and rebalance our focus on the hard work of barking about rescue issues.  The following song is one of our favorites.  I hope it reblances you too.

Don’t give up
It’s just the weight of the world
When your heart’s heavy
I, I will lift it for you

Don’t give up
Because you want to be heard
If silence keeps you
I, I will break it for you

Everybody wants to be understood
Well, I can hear you
Everybody wants to be loved
Don’t give up because you are loved

Don’t give up
It’s just the hurt that you hide
When you’re lost inside
I, I’ll be there to find you

Don’t give up
Because you want to burn bright
If darkness blinds you
I, I will shine to guide you

Everybody wants to be understood
Well, I can hear you
Everybody wants to be loved
Don’t give up because you are loved
You are loved

Don’t give up
It’s just the weight of the world
You are loved

Singer: Josh Groban
Songwriters: Molly Kaye and Thomas Salter
Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Pub (Canada)


6 Keys to Successful Cheese Noming

Heard about an app that uses a top secret algorithm to calculate your “influence” and highlight your chief areas of knowledge. I guess this means it lets me know who likes what I’m barking about and the stuff I bark about most frequently.

Hmmmmm….I dunno about this. But it did get me thinking. What do I bark about most? My first guess is cheese. Apparently not… My top items of “knowledge” are Mom, barking, with waving paws rounding out my Top 3.

Really, not a bad Top 3, but I think I know more about cheese than the list indicates. So, I set out to highlight my knowledge about noming cheese. Not cheese itself per se - just keys to successfully achieving cheese so you can nom it. Hope these keys increase your cheese/nom success ratio.

6 Keys to Achieving Successful Cheese Noming

No. 1 - Master Your Surroundings
Know that cheese is most often stored in the fridge. Don’t waste your time or energy looking for cheese under the sofa, at the front door or in the bathroom. You will find other interesting things there but probably not cheese.

No. 2 - Be Alert to Details
Most cheese comes into the house via shopping bags. Inspect all bags entering house. This includes grocery store, purses, Nordstrom and Home Depot bags. While searching for cheese outside the fridge is often unrewarding, don’t let opportunities slip past. Cheese can make it into the fridge in many ways.

No. 3 - Distinguish Elements in Your World
Cheese is often stored in easy open bags. Don't be fooled by easy open lettuce bags. And for heavens sake, do not fall for the ziplock sound that the plastic bag humans store make-up, vitamins and craft items in.

No. 4 – Understand Relative Gravity
The easiest way to define gravity is that it’s a force that attracts an object (cheese) towards the center of the earth, or towards other physical body (Me). Make gravity your friend.

No. 5 –Nurture Persistence
Persistence is the hidden gem in our knowledge kit. You can paralyze resistance with persistence. It's true. If you don’t keep trying to get cheese at every opportune or inopportune moment, well, you won’t get cheese. Avert tragedy, remain persistent.

No. 6 - Recognize Success
Cheese happens - so enjoy your moment of glory when you and cheese become one. Revel in the joy of achieving your goals.

"In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag." W. H. Auden

^ . . ^




Every now and then Diana plays this song to keep our spirits high. Life with me - a high strung rescue dog full of anxiety, odd quirks and past scars - isn't always easy or fun. These words help to keep us focused on our what is important, our successes and the assurance of even more success in the future.

Sung by: Josh Groban
Songwrters: David Foster, Richard Page & Carole Bayer Sager

Some days we forget to look around us
Some days we can’t see the joy that surrounds us
So caught up inside ourselves
We take when we should give

So for tonight we pray for
What we know can be
And on this day we hope for
What we still can’t see

It’s up to us to be the change
And even though we all can do more
There’s so much to be thankful for

Look beyond ourselves, there’s so much sorrow
It’s way too late to say, “I’ll cry tomorrow”
Each of us must find our trust
We’re so long overdue

So for tonight we pray for
What we know can be
And every day we hope
What we still can’t see

It’s up to us to be the change
And even though we all can do more
There’s so much to be thankful for

Even with our differences
There is a place we’re all connected
Each of us can find each others love

So for tonight we pray for
What we know can be
And every day we hope
What we still can’t see

It’s up to us to be the change
And even though we all can do more
There’s so much to be thankful for

^ . . ^



Party On!

I went to a dog party the other day. Ok, well, actually, the party was for humans to show off their new house and baby. But still…I got to go.

Diana rounded Michael and I up in the car, we made a few stops for flowers, cold drinks and dessert, and then off for the trip to Michael’s daughter’s house. Baby Miri lives there. I like her a lot. I got to meet her for the first time at Easter. Her dad let me kiss her head. He said I did a nice job.

When we got to the party – Big Surprise!!!!!

Stanley (with my superduper best human step-sib Katie)

 Two new friends!  We had the best time ever.

We sniffed in the kitchen... 

We sniffed on the deck...

We sniffed in the yard...

We even sniffed each other...
Hee Hee - Reading the Local News

I got a little overcome with all the excitement and settled on Diana's lap for a bit to re-organize my thoughts, restore my good humor and to watch Stanley's Mom and Dad open house warming presents.

Stanley's Mom and Dad are super nice to me. Stanley's awesome and beautiful Mom used to be a Marine (I hear once a Marine - always a Marine) but she has moved on to an even bigger job - being a Mom.  Stanley's Dad is a  no-nonsense, gentle and talented Navy Officer. Everyone is so happy that they are now stationed in Washington. 

*Paw Waves to Stanley's Mom and Dad*

 Stanley's Dad gave us a treat! We each got a raw hide bone.

Stanley is really enjoying his special treat!

Stanley's Dad had no way of knowing just how much I love rawhide bones.  I treasure them.  I will go all #destructogang on a stuffed toy or rope toy anytime.  For some reason rawhide bones are a different story. 

It is my firm belief that everyone wants my rawhide bone. So, with an eye towards safety, I savored it.  I carried it around the whole house and yard, searching for the best place to hide it from others. I buried it in the flowers, I hid it behind the hot tub, and I put it in Diana's purse. But here's a picture of my favorite hiding spot of the day:

Inside Stanley's Dad's closet - safe - next to his boots
Stanley's Dad was amazed that I do this.  He'd never seen a dog worry over and bury it's bones.  Diana suggested he look in the closet and, sure enough, he found it. I went back later and put it back in Diana's purse.  She hasn't found it yet - I hope...

This was one of the best days of my life.  I went to a party, met two wonderful new friends and wasn't the worst barker there.  Rico and I barked about the same amount.  With that many people to watch over in his house, Stanley did the most barking.  It was only right.  It is his house.

When everyone comes to my house for a party - I will be the head barker.

^ . . ^



I Bark - Therefore I Am

Part of why Diana and I blog is to highlight the difficulties I have in interacting with other dogs and humans because of my lack of socialization before she adopted me. If the struggles I have and how I am working on improving help other dogs or their humans, then my incessant barking is doing its job.

I’m learning now to be a better canine citizen, but I may never “get there”. I don’t know how to relax or focus. I don’t know how to interact socially without barking. I prefer to interact with people, especially Diana and I don’t mingle all that well with other dogs at social events and especially not at chance encounters.

I love to go for walks. Love it! I jump and jump and grab my harness and leash and drag them to Diana each night until we hit the pavement. I’m alert, active, happy and so excited to go. Diana would love to walk us about a mile to an elementary school with a big play field. Lots of dogs go there and run up and down the field. I’ve been there twice – when no other dogs have been there. I run full out with my ears back, probably the happiest I’ve ever been. Usually though, we take shorter walks where it is quiet and I am less likely to encounter other dogs.

Diana would also love to take me to a small dog meet up in our city. It is a wonderful twice monthly event where the dogs visit an assisted living/nursing home specifically for people with Alzheimer’s disease. There are about half-dozen dogs that go every month to visit, hang out for a couple of hours, score tons of treats, petting and visit with our older friends. It’s a win-win in our community and in their lives.

One of the requirements to attend is to behave while on leash. I can’t go. I bark and show aggression towards other dogs when I’m on the leash. The second you clip off the leash I’m friendly to everyone and everything and very generous with hugs and kisses.

As you know, I’ve worked with Jeff Tinsley, the owner of Sound Animals, here in Seattle. He has helped Diana and Michael learn to handle their anxiety and me in group situations, how to engage me in activities and learning situations to make things easier and generally is an awesome guy. I’ve made great progress - just not enough.

If anyone reading my blog has any advice for us on helping me overcome leash aggression (if possible), I welcome your positive thoughts and ideas.

Today I ask only one thing from everyone. If you are planning on getting a dog or have a dog – do the right thing. Socialize them early, often and well to help them become the best they can be.


^ . . ^


Spring Fever - Blog Look Redesign

Let me know what you think!

We like it - for now.

With Diana in charge - who knows what tomorrow will bring.

^ . . ^



Enough Already!

La Nina Spring!  Really?  Are you kidding me!

This picure is from a neighborhood about 5 miles from my house.  Today.  Yes, today!

So, I picked up the Barkberry and made a call.

Mother Nature gives us another shot of spring snow
From KomoNews.com

*Ring Ring* *Ring Ring*

"Hello, Mother Nature? I have bone to pick with you... I got a super sweet ride-along basket for Diana's bike and we would like to try it out SOON!"

"Uhm hum...You don't say...WHAT?!"

Voice on other end of phone line.

"Hello.  Thank you for calling Mother Nature. Your call is important to me. However, at this time, and until further notice, I am on holiday. In Hawaii. Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I return. Thanks and have a nice day."

^ . . ^



Sylish (?) Blogger Award

Thanks for the wonderful acknowledgement and nomination as a Stylish Blogger, dear Oz The Terrier. Now, I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about me:

1. I lived the majority of my first years in a cat travel carrier. Yep, a hard plastic travel carrier. The kind someone would use to transport a cat to the vet. I don’t live with those people anymore;  (If you have to ask why I don't live with them anymore, I don't want to know you or explain anything to you...)

2. I bark a lot, but have been physically debarked (see #1 above…). Lesson to be learned? Barking is an emotional outlet as much, or more, than a physical behavior;

3. Last September I went to the ocean for a vacation and I heard coyotes every evening. I never saw them. They are very stealthy. I didn’t bark at them. I hid under a blankie and refused to go out for a walk for hours after hearing them yip and howl;

4. I don’t like to play ball. I have two tennis balls that have only been played with by my best friend @HankBacon. We keep them at my house just for him;

5. I do like to play with rope toys and stuffy toys. I bring Rope Octopus to bed almost every night. I started #destructogang on Twitter to document my “retirements” and to give Diana an outlet to complain about how shoddily made dog toys really are. If they can’t stand up to my wimpy jaws…

6. I love to sit in the rocking chair with Diana in the evenings and watch baseball or a movie on TV. I really do watch TV. I whine, wag my tail and look back at Diana and bang my head against her hands until she stops crocheting and looks at the screen. I guess I’m not supposed to be able to see what’s on the screen, but I do.

7. I have a therapist. I worry a lot – about most everything. I have terrible separation anxiety from Diana. When I am on a leash I also worry that about other dogs, garbage pails, motorbikes, kids on bikes, leaves, babies, the wind, large trucks, small trucks (ok, you get the picture) and bark at them as soon as I see them. Barking at them is a classic understatement. I go berserk, actually. I'm working with animal behavior specialist, Jeff Tinsely of Sound Animals. I’m getting better. I’ve learned not to bark at babies, kids on bikes and big trucks.

Ok, that’s it about me.

Now, the next step is I'm supposed to pass this award on to 15 bloggers that I enjoy, respect and would like to highlight.  I am excited to share the following blogs and to shout out about their hard and joyful work blogging and to learn about them in the process.  I don't have 15 that I follow that I directly know haven't already participated, but I do follow these:

If you've already participated - please don't feel like you have to again, just say so. 

If you don't want to participate - rats.  I would definitely learn amazing, fun or interesting things from you. 

^ . . ^



Dog Parks Aren’t For Me (Sorry Hank)

The concept of Off-Leash Doggie Parks is appealing. A reasonably well maintained, fenced in place where I can run around really fast with my ears flat against my skull, sniffing pee mail and chasing after my best buddy, Hank Bacon, while he plays flingyball.

The reality of a Doggie Park is not appealing. Case in point – My Sunday Morning.

Diana and I went with Hank Bacon and his Mom, Kristina. We went to a well-known park in a largish city east of Seattle around 10:00 am on a lovely, sunny morning.

We always go to the Small Dog area. I’m little. I’m only 11 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 13 lbs. Hank Bacon is taller – and weighs more, but he’s not that big either. The rule at the dog park is for dogs under 16 inches at the shoulder and not more than 20-25 lbs.

Seems reasonable. But if you do a quick calculation – dogs 2x my size are allowed. That calculation is considerable.

We had the place to ourselves for almost ½ hour. Soon two Shi Tzu’s came to play. They were really nice and friendly. After the prerequisite sniff greeting, they ran around and played with their human and Hank and I went back to flingyball and flingyball player chasing. No big deal.

Next, two standard American Eskimo dogs arrived. Their owner left them on leash while in the pen area. They growled low in their throats, their fur was up all and their tails were in the extremely confident position, way up on their backs.

We sniffed each other and they growled louder. I started to bark nervously and ran back to stand by Diana. Hank Bacon stopped paying attention to flingyball and came to see what was going on. His ears went back and he very stiffly greeted them.

As soon as the Eskimo’s were released from leash, they went for me. They chased me and I started to run because it seemed like fun - at first. I didn't know.  I'd never been attacked before.

Diana and Kristina saw immediately what was happening and intervened. Diana called me and I came back quickly. She grabbed my harness and clipped my leash on. Hank Bacon came right away - back to Kristina's side - and sat down while she clipped his leash on too.

The two white dogs kept coming and tried to run me over - even though I was standing still. One blocked my left, one my right.

In a flash of an eye, Hank Bacon stepped between them and barked. He barked so loudly and intensely they backed off, backed off for a second. Just enough time for Diana and Kristina to take complete control of the situation and rescue me.

The whole encounter took less than 30 seconds. Diana and Kristina scooped us up and we were out of there. Out of the enclosure that had seemed such a good idea, but had turned into a space I couldn’t escape from. Out of the reach of two dogs that should not have been there, should not have remained on leash becoming more and more aggitated, exhibiting aggressive behavior towards others, and out of the once perceived fun zone.

I’m probably never going to get to go back. Hank rescued me and I thank him deeply. I thank Diana and Kristina for having done their research and knowing the danger signs, for being so aware of our surroundings that they saw trouble immediately. I thank my lucky stars that things turned out as well as they did.

I, however, am still growling. I do not like the choice foisted upon me. Go to the off leash doggie park and risk possible injury or go to my local park and remain on leash, limited but safe.

Not fair. Not fair at all.

^ . . ^



Anipal Book Club - White Fang - Post No. 1

I like to think of myself as a wild and ferocious doggie.

I visualize myself as a small dog that has successfully overcome great obstacles to be where I am today. I bark in the face of danger, I do the stiff legged grass scratch thing after each trip outside, and I regularly assign my rope toys to an early retirement. I expertly patrol my house and yard on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. Hey, you don’t see any purple elephants in the area, do you? Yeah, see. I’m good.

Anyhooooo….Not so ferocious it turns out. First chapters of Jack London's White Fang have given me a wakeup call to the realities for my much bigger cousins in the wild:  

     I do not live outside, in horrific weather;
     I do not work hard pulling a sled;
     I do not fend off wolves on a nightly basis;  
     I do not have to outwit and hunt down my food just to survive; and
     I do not suffer in a world where a victory for me is a defeat for another.

I do have to keep Mom reading this story to me, though.

I NEED to know what’s going to happen next!

^ . . ^


Ellee & Dozer - Look Alikes Need A Home

Today is Petfinders Adopt The Internet Day.  Read all about it here:

Soooo, I'm going to stop gloating about my wonderful Gotcha Day.  I'm going to dedicate this post to other Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mixed pups that look a lot like me.   I want them to have their own Gotcha Day and bark about it on their own blogs.

At first I thought I would talk mostly about Dozer.  He also looks like me and has been looking for a home of his own for a while now also.  I regularly post a tweet about him getting his own home.  He is in foster care with Rescue Every Dog (R.E.D.) in Port Angeles, Washington.  Know anyone who wants to help a great guy?  Here is his link on Petfinder:

Instead, I decided to dedicate the majority of my post today highlighting a dog in foster care with my rescue group - Northwest International Pet Rescue (NWIPR).  They saved my life - literally. NWIPR is an all volunteer, registered Non-profit 501(c)(3) charity. 

I pasted Ellee's bio from NWIPR's post on @Petfinder because there isn't much more I can add other than:


Hello, I am Ellee. I am so happy to be out of the shelter. I am a sweet, loving, elegant, and quiet little girl. I love to go for walks and I ride wonderfully in the car. I enjoy meeting new people and like to get pets and attention. I get along well with the other dogs in my foster home and like playing with the other dogs. However, I seem to prefer my humans. I am a loyal girl who enjoys sitting with my person and being next to them. I like to follow my foster mom or dad around. I am crate trained and I house trained. I am a spectacular companion and very loyal to my people. I am a gentle little girl with a great demeanor. I also did wonderfully in the bath and also for my nail clipping. I would do well in almost any environment (apartment, home with yard, etc) and with or without another dog in the home. Please consider adding me to your family.

Ellee is an amazing girl. She is incredibly loving and very sweet. She hardly barks and is just an excellent companion. She loves her people and enjoys meeting new people. She loves pets, playtime, and snuggles. She has wonderful house manners and is full of love for her family. She likes playing with the other dog in her home, but most of all her people. This girl is remarkable!

Ellee has arrived from an overcrowded WA shelter. NWIPR was asked to pull Ellee and find her a great home. We are so glad to have her join us in rescue.

Ellee is spayed/neutered, rear dew claws removed, microchipped, wormed, flea treated, current on DHLPPC, Bordatella, and Rabies.

The information contained within this pet’s biography is based on observations from the current foster home. NWIPR is very honest about the pet’s behavior and needs (and provides up to date information), we cannot guarantee they will behave in the same manner in a different environment with new owners as individual household dynamics vary greatly.
Well, isn't she something?  In a perfect world, both Ellee and Dozer would be living with me.  I just about have Diana and Michael talked into adopting another rescue dog.  In the meantime, please pass their information on to anyone who might be interested in doing the right thing for wonderful doggies in need. 
You can have your own Sasha!


Gotcha Day Special Gifts

There are tons of wonderful people in the world. I am fortunate enough to know some of them.

My dear English friend, Yoda, sent me a cake and flowers. Aren’t they lovely?

@MissPishPosh A cake for you with love from me xx on Twitpic
@MissPishPosh Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, h... on Twitpic
My pals Teddy & Mischka cooked these "with their own little paws"

Michael and Diana threw me a big party. Diana decorated the house just for me:

My buddies Katie the Pug and Hank Bacon came over and helped me celebrate and we each had our own tiny slice of cake and doggie ice cream (“Frosty Paws”): 

During the hugely successful, mega exciting #DudeFest #PawPawty on Twitter, my friend Teeny lead everyone in a round of Happy Gotcha Day (same tune as Happy Birthday). Sweet!

From my friends Ted and Issac in England, I received a lovely card, a picture of those two handsome men and this:

Holy Hedgehog, Batman. There is no way Diana will let me play with this beautiful toy. No way. We have named her Corrine and she lives on the same bookshelf as Trickster Raven. Corrine is covered under Destructo Gang Master Rule #1.

I received so many good wishes I was overwhelmed. Thank you to all who already knew what this day meant, to those who have just learned, and to those who will have their own Gotcha Day celebrations in the future.

Nom Nom Nom


PawPawty Prize Blanket

Diana and I like to participate in the Pawpawties on Twitter to raise money for animal related charities.  @frougaldougal and his amazing humans started these fundraising events a few years back and they just keep getting bigger and more successful with each one.  

Every year tens of thousands of dollars are raised and awareness is increased for the charities that have been selected to benefit from the generosity of people on Twitter.  We don't have a lot of money, but we know how to crochet.  So, we try to donate a blanket as often as we can.  

We made this blanket for @RICH_THE_PIRATE.  He won it during the SantaPaws Christmas Eve Pawty.  It is an exclusive Sasha Snuggle.  Diana and I picked the fleece and the wool/bamboo blend yarn just for him and his wonderful Mum.

We hope he gets many, many years of enjoyment from this blanket.  We sure had fun making it.