Anipal Book Club - White Fang - Post No. 1

I like to think of myself as a wild and ferocious doggie.

I visualize myself as a small dog that has successfully overcome great obstacles to be where I am today. I bark in the face of danger, I do the stiff legged grass scratch thing after each trip outside, and I regularly assign my rope toys to an early retirement. I expertly patrol my house and yard on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. Hey, you don’t see any purple elephants in the area, do you? Yeah, see. I’m good.

Anyhooooo….Not so ferocious it turns out. First chapters of Jack London's White Fang have given me a wakeup call to the realities for my much bigger cousins in the wild:  

     I do not live outside, in horrific weather;
     I do not work hard pulling a sled;
     I do not fend off wolves on a nightly basis;  
     I do not have to outwit and hunt down my food just to survive; and
     I do not suffer in a world where a victory for me is a defeat for another.

I do have to keep Mom reading this story to me, though.

I NEED to know what’s going to happen next!

^ . . ^


thetwiglet said...

Loved your post! (as ever)
I haven't seen any purple elpehants round my way either, so I must be doing something right

And you are so right about how much easier our lives are than either the working dogs or the wolves...

Millie Dog said...

I am definitely not wild and/or ferocious, so I know I wouldn't get back in those awful conditions. I like to play, but I would miss snuggling up with Owner in the evening. I like to be tucked up warm in my crate at night too!