Gotcha Day Special Gifts

There are tons of wonderful people in the world. I am fortunate enough to know some of them.

My dear English friend, Yoda, sent me a cake and flowers. Aren’t they lovely?

@MissPishPosh A cake for you with love from me xx on Twitpic
@MissPishPosh Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, h... on Twitpic
My pals Teddy & Mischka cooked these "with their own little paws"

Michael and Diana threw me a big party. Diana decorated the house just for me:

My buddies Katie the Pug and Hank Bacon came over and helped me celebrate and we each had our own tiny slice of cake and doggie ice cream (“Frosty Paws”): 

During the hugely successful, mega exciting #DudeFest #PawPawty on Twitter, my friend Teeny lead everyone in a round of Happy Gotcha Day (same tune as Happy Birthday). Sweet!

From my friends Ted and Issac in England, I received a lovely card, a picture of those two handsome men and this:

Holy Hedgehog, Batman. There is no way Diana will let me play with this beautiful toy. No way. We have named her Corrine and she lives on the same bookshelf as Trickster Raven. Corrine is covered under Destructo Gang Master Rule #1.

I received so many good wishes I was overwhelmed. Thank you to all who already knew what this day meant, to those who have just learned, and to those who will have their own Gotcha Day celebrations in the future.

Nom Nom Nom


Stacy and Ellie said...

Yay, what a special and wonderful day! Is it 1 year?
Ellie's is coming up too!

Pish Posh Says said...

Hi, Ellie & Stacy. Thanks for reading about my day. ELLIE!!!!! Please tell me when your day is!!! Only thing better about your own Gotcha Day is an anipals!