Sylish (?) Blogger Award

Thanks for the wonderful acknowledgement and nomination as a Stylish Blogger, dear Oz The Terrier. Now, I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about me:

1. I lived the majority of my first years in a cat travel carrier. Yep, a hard plastic travel carrier. The kind someone would use to transport a cat to the vet. I don’t live with those people anymore;  (If you have to ask why I don't live with them anymore, I don't want to know you or explain anything to you...)

2. I bark a lot, but have been physically debarked (see #1 above…). Lesson to be learned? Barking is an emotional outlet as much, or more, than a physical behavior;

3. Last September I went to the ocean for a vacation and I heard coyotes every evening. I never saw them. They are very stealthy. I didn’t bark at them. I hid under a blankie and refused to go out for a walk for hours after hearing them yip and howl;

4. I don’t like to play ball. I have two tennis balls that have only been played with by my best friend @HankBacon. We keep them at my house just for him;

5. I do like to play with rope toys and stuffy toys. I bring Rope Octopus to bed almost every night. I started #destructogang on Twitter to document my “retirements” and to give Diana an outlet to complain about how shoddily made dog toys really are. If they can’t stand up to my wimpy jaws…

6. I love to sit in the rocking chair with Diana in the evenings and watch baseball or a movie on TV. I really do watch TV. I whine, wag my tail and look back at Diana and bang my head against her hands until she stops crocheting and looks at the screen. I guess I’m not supposed to be able to see what’s on the screen, but I do.

7. I have a therapist. I worry a lot – about most everything. I have terrible separation anxiety from Diana. When I am on a leash I also worry that about other dogs, garbage pails, motorbikes, kids on bikes, leaves, babies, the wind, large trucks, small trucks (ok, you get the picture) and bark at them as soon as I see them. Barking at them is a classic understatement. I go berserk, actually. I'm working with animal behavior specialist, Jeff Tinsely of Sound Animals. I’m getting better. I’ve learned not to bark at babies, kids on bikes and big trucks.

Ok, that’s it about me.

Now, the next step is I'm supposed to pass this award on to 15 bloggers that I enjoy, respect and would like to highlight.  I am excited to share the following blogs and to shout out about their hard and joyful work blogging and to learn about them in the process.  I don't have 15 that I follow that I directly know haven't already participated, but I do follow these:

If you've already participated - please don't feel like you have to again, just say so. 

If you don't want to participate - rats.  I would definitely learn amazing, fun or interesting things from you. 

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Oz the Terrier said...

Oh, Miss Pish Posh...I had no idea yoo lived with terrier-ble people before Diana. I am so grateful Diana rescued yoo and gives yoo such wonderful life!

I liked reading about yoo! Oh, and I love that stuffy octopus. He looks like fun!
Cairn cuddles, Oz

Oskar said...

Hooray for your great award. I'm glad you have a great forever home now.

Nubbin wiggles,

Stacy and Ellie said...

Ellie watches TV too sometimes!
How is the training going for separation anxiety? I might be interested in getting Ellie a therapist as well :)

Mummyrella said...

ello Miss Pish Posh - glad u fund a good ome wiv Diana - i iz rescued a fellow doggie last week check me out at www.poppydogtails.com and fanks for de mention i will update me blog shortly with fings about me no one knows BOL!