2011 In Review

I had a fabulous year, filled with Great Moments and Not So Great Moments. A recap of the Top 5 for each side of the ledger is highlighted below. Given that I am unfailingly optimistic, loving and joyous of life, I will start with the Not-So-Great so I can end with greatness!

Top 5 Not So Great Moments

1) Hurt my paw when I landed on the door thingy;

2) Lost some Twitter pals, including one of my best friends, and learned that the Mom for two others passed away. I use, with a nod and wistful smile the *giggles* expression on Twitter in memory of Rhonda Welch as Tweeting for @Cricket1230.  Also, with lasting love, travel well Dear Yoda.

3) Realized who are my real friends are and to avoid popularity contests;

4) Did not get to go to the beach this summer but did get to go on some awesome walks;

5) Contracted a drug-resistant bacterial infection that has yet to be resolved and may not have a positive outcome.  This is me feeling sorry for myself...

Top 5 Great Moments

1) Learned a new trick:

2) Discovered I love beef gravy almost as much as I love cheese;

3) Made new  friends that make my life full;

4) Cheated death by slipping my harness, running across the street, attacking a GSD, realizing that was a not my best decision of the year, running back across the street, getting rolled by the now really, really mad GSD, watching Diana run awkwardly fast, with a weird, gray green look on her face, then coming to a complete flat-on-the-ground stop when Diana’s cry of “Sasha” finally lowered enough to be heard by humans again;

5) Enjoyed glorious afternoons on my new favorite chair;

I can’t wait to see what is in store for all of us in 2012!
I’m sure it will be wonderful.

Happy New Year

Love, Sasha


marley said...

Oh oh, I am on your blog. Woof hoo. Fanks dear pal and we wish you apply 2012 and a long life.

Stacy Kowalchuk said...

Sounds like an overall great year and we were so glad to get to meet you (er.. your mom anyway) :)

Zoe the Border said...

Wow, two of my best pals on da same bloggy, woo ho! Great recap Sasha, great to get to know you dis year!

blindmaximus said...

Oh, I hope I am one of those real friends that you mentioned! I was sad to hear about Cricket's mom too. :( And I hope your infection clears up lickety-split!

A Small World Girl said...

Oh Sasha I love your photos . A very happy new year to you xx