Snow Is For The Birds

Diana had a forced, unpaid snow day yesterday. Michael worked from home. We rarely saw him - just a few drop-ins for food or to say “Hi, Pish”, in between telephone meetings.

Seattle shuts down in the snow. Going to leave the why’s of that to another expert. I’m an expert on being pampered by Diana and Michael, so I will tell you about my day.

I took a nap. On Diana’s lap. Under a blanket. Not even going to feel guilty about it either.

Just before lunch, Diana asked me if I wanted to go outside - for a walk.

My response.

As you can see, I wasn’t that jazzed about the prospect of going out in 22 degree weather. Eventually, I relented.  Diana jammed me into my sweater, clipped my new holiday leash on and this is what we headed out into.

I made these.

My fur is skimpy and my paws are basically naked. It was sooooo cold, even with my sweater, I didn’t want to stay out long. 15 minutes and I’d had enough fun in the snow. Back in we came. To stay. For the rest of the day.

I have a wonderful life. I have humans that love me and keep me warm and safe. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I give thanks for the continued health and safety of my people and the ones they love. I give thanks for cheese, the most wonderful thing in the whole world.  I also give thanks for my good fortune and wish that all animals could have the wonderful, safe and warm life that I now enjoy. If you have the chance, please help a needy and deserving animal to have the same.

Let’s do it. Let’s…

Make The World A Better Place - One Bark At A Time

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Ellie and Mom said...

Mom bundled me up in my coat and made me go out on that cold day too and it was awful! I stood there and shivered, but luckily it is all cleared up now. At least you got some extra cuddle times with your mom!