Sigh Like You Mean It

All names have been removed to protect the opinionated and the not-so-opinionated…

My people really love each other. They love each other almost (ALMOST) as much as they love me. Cool, right?

But sometimes I don’t understand them. They frustrate me.

I often don’t know what they are talking about. Doesn’t seem important to me.

“Turn the tv off. Stupid political ads.”

“No, I did not wash your favorite red sweater and shrink it.”

“I did turn the heat down at night. I don’t know how the heat bill got so big.”

“Yes, the dog is wet. It’s raining out. Of course, I will dry her with the towel before I let her on the sofa.”

See, not really important. They sometimes talk all evening long. BORING (unless it’s about me, walking around the neighborhood, car rides or cheese).

The other night, one didn’t want to listen to any more from the other.

“I’m going to bed. We can talk about this later.”

One person headed upstairs and one remained on the sofa. Talking away - pontificating (oooooh, big word for a dog) on their favorite subject at the moment. Not coming with us.

When I reached the landing, I looked back and sighed - really, really loudly.

I hate that. When it’s time for bed - it’s time for all of us to go to bed. That’s how I like it. That’s how it is supposed to be. PERIOD.

“Did the dog just ‘Bitch’ me out? Why?”

“Hmmmm. Yes, I think she did. She wants you to come to bed.”

“Oh, ok. Be right there.”

See. You don’t have to be big in size or a human to have opinions and get your point across.

^ . . ^  Woof!

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Ellie and Mom said...

Bol sometimes I just sigh too, it gets some attention.