Change is good?

I am not a big believer in change. Seems like a waste of energy that could be better spent on walks or naps.

Howl-ever (cute, eh?), my people didn’t listen to me when I said things were fine as they were and bought new living room stuff to sit on. Leather stuff that is not particularly dog friendly.

New Furniture - New Rules

1.     Pish can not sit on the new sofa. 
               What? You’ve got to be kidding. Grrrr

2.    Pish can not sit on the new love seat.
              I repeat - What? Are you kidding me? Grrrr

3.   Pish will be told sternly to “get off” if she breaks Rule #1 or #2 or both.
             Again - What? This will not stand!

4.   Pish can sit on the new chair if the following conditions are met:
            A. Michael is not in chair already;
            B. Blanket is covering new chair; and
            C. Diana is either in or out of chair.

As a concession to the difficulties this new arrangement presents for Pish:

5.   Pish’s new bed will be moved by chair to assist in compliance with Rules.

Really, really not happy with the new rules at all. Fine, if you want your rules complied with, #5 is just a start.

Did you hear me?
(wow - that's a lot of yelling)

Here are the my requirements to be met if compliance with your rules is to even be attempted:

1. I want an upgrade to a new super comfy, deluxe bed that is as delightfully cute as I am;

2. New bed will have a warming blanket, that is turned on whenever I am in new bed;

3. I want at least 2 new rope toys. One of these new toys must have a squeaker;

4. I want cooked rice with veggies and/or a sprinkle of grated cheese on each meal; and

5. I want to walk every night up to the elementary school so I can play with the other dogs, even if you are tired from work.

This is my official notice of canine discontentment. Irritated whining and generalized disgust will commence ASAP and continue until my requirements are complied with fully.

!!! You’ve been warned !!!


Ellie and Mom said...

Go Pish! Us doggies gotta stand up for our rights - mom doesn't allow me on the couch either, but I have 3 beds in her tiny apartment :)

JJ said...

Oh wow. This is absolutely adorable! Why was I not aware of your blog sooner? Do you tweet your articles...because if not, you definitely should. People have to read this.

What is it with the leather? My housemate also wants to get leather for our new place... and doesn't want the dogs on it!!! Why on earth would you bother to get furniture if you can't snuggle with the puppies on it?


lol. You tell 'em Pish!

Pish Posh Says said...

Thanks you guys! I love putting it to the man with his rules. He will learn soon enough who actually rules this house. ME!