It Doesn't Really Matter If You Know Where You Are Going

The Rain Forest is no day at the beach.

I was really confused.  I thought our recent vacation was supposed to be at the beach, Ocean Shores to be specific.  Why are we driving northeast into the Olympic National Forest?  Michael said, "Relax, Pish.  We are going hiking."

(We would get lost if I wasn't navigating)

Sounded good to me.  Off we went, ready for our hike.  As you can see, I'm completely ready to go and was stoked to see some bears (or not...)

OK, yeah.  I liked it.  A lot.  No dead crabs to roll in or seagulls to yell at - but plenty of other cool things to explore.  Plus, it's one of the most beautiful places on this whole planet.  At least, the parts of this planet that I've seen so far.

I saw (smelled) lots of green moss and huge trees.

I saw (smelled) rose hips and ferns.

We hiked for nearly two hours on the Lake Quinault Loop Trail. That part was super fun.  Can you believe it?  It didn't rain in the rain forest. If it had rained, I was prepared though. Diana brought along my new pink rain coat. Super cute, eh?

Higher and higher we climbed up into the woods. The trail looked a lot like this:

Yes, you are right. That's the same picture from above. Every step of the trail looked the same to me. But, because I'm a dog and I "see" with my nose, I was in heaven. The moss, the wet leaves, the dead trees, and the giant beetles. Amazing. Not like home at all. So much to take in. I loved it.

Not sure why, but at one point we each took a turn being really quiet so we could hear what the forest sounds like.

(As you can see...I didn't take this part very seriously)

I jumped on stuff.  Super Puppy. Big, Bold and Brave.

Just like Michael and Diana, I scampered up as high as I could on the "Worlds Largest Spruce Tree" (a Sitka Spruce that is said to be nearly 1,000 years old). Super Duper fun. You should try it.

(Diana thought the tree looked like something from The Hobbit stories.  Do Hobbit's have cheese?)

All in all, it was a splendid day. I'd go back anytime. Because I was navigating - I know the way. But first, I need a nap.

^ . . ^ Woof from the Rain forest near Lake Quinault!


Kristina said...

soo cute, I LOVE all the pictures!

Pish Posh Says said...

Hi, Kristina! I am cute. I would like to go with you when you are out taking pictures. I'm sure you will get some of your best - of me. LOL. Love & Kisses. Sasha