2nd Gotcha Day Celebration

Last year I made a big deal over my 1st Gotcha Day. Diana and Michael had the family over, along with my doggie pals, Katey and Hank. The house was decorated with balloons and we all shared cake. Real vanilla birthday cake with sprinkles!

Really, wouldn’t you throw yourself a great big, barkingly wonderful party if you’d just spent 365 days recovering from being thrown out of your home into a horrifying shelter during the holidays, had the date of your death marked on a calendar, then miraculously rescued by angels on earth from Northwest International Pet Rescue?
Darn betcha you would
Yeah, I thought so

A Gotcha Day is an extremely important day for a rescue dog. I can’t tell anyone what my real birthday is so a Gotcha Day is all we have to celebrate with.

This year I celebrated more on the down low with those who made transitioning from the rejected, unloved mixed breed into the wanted, loved unique MinscherHuahua success story you see before you today.

Diana and Michael made me a pup sized grilled cheese sandwich, granted my wish to sit on the sofa (just once, please, I won't beg anymore, please, please, please), showered me with treats and most importantly, love and respect.

Celebrating success and love never goes out of style.

Hat’s off to all the styling rescue pups working their magic in the world and a hopeful prayer for those waiting their turn to be rescued so they can shine as brightly as they should.

^ . . ^

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marley said...

Appy Gotcha Day Sasha. You has pawsome parents. I ave showed the typist the bit about the sammidge in case he is short of ideas for my burfdee.