Legacy for Marley Terrier

When a pal passes, it can be so easy to say a few words of condolence and move on. For me, each pal leaves a piece of themselves within me for safekeeping.  I can not easily move on as I was.  I become forever changed by the grace of having known them.  The honor of this duty is a solemn one for me.  Yet, I know it is important to carry on.
I don’t know if I am barking into the vast wilderness, unheard.
I don’t know how to make a difference except by being true to myself.
I do know it is important to stop and grieve, to remember and to be thankful for having met.
I do know that, for me, the only way forward through grief is a formula of
time + action.

Time will settle itself.

Action I can accomplish by:

Vowing to always be gentle, kind, encouraging and tireless in my efforts to raise money for animal related charities.

Laughing when I can, giving a hug when it is needed and sitting quietly beside those that need silent support.

Pledging to keep Marley’s legacy alive by:
  1. accepting the duty to continue in his pawprints, not as he would, but as I can;
  2. be guided by the vastness of his compassion and generosity of legacy;
  3. guide myself, and hopefully others, in a way forward by shining a light into the darkness of the reality of animals in need.
I can only do what I can do.  I comfort myself with the hope that it will be enough – even for just one.

 Until we meet again and thank you, Marley.


Phi Otticelli said...

Dis so bootiful! Me hug u and we live knowing we leave pals someday! Huggy u. Wuv only. We wuv Marley.

Gina The Min Pin said...

*sniff sniff* Dis is just bootiful, Sasha. ThankQ, sweetheart.
Love, Gina The Min Pin

marley said...

Typist here my friend, that is a very special tribute to the old boy. If he can inspire you like that then it was a life well lived and a great comfort to his family today. Be well. Thank you so much for your kind words.

Ted the border terrier said...

Lovingly written Sasha x

Anonymous said...

that was lovely says @diamondbertie's ghost writer

Mr Kipling said...

Dear Miss Pish Posh, some very wise words so beautifully written, thank you x

Gyp the Border Terrier said...

Lovely words & I'm sure Marley would be proud to have inspired you xx