Ask For What You Want

Stylish beast. That’s what Diana calls me and it is so true.

Oooh, look - it's me
My new sweater is deluxe fabulousness. I love, love, love it because Diana made it just for me. She went to the yarn store and picked out the best yarn, found the pattern and made it over the weekend. We tried it on and customized it (I’m a bit longer than the small size and not as wide as the medium size). It’s warm, soft and easy to put on. Plus, it’s light weight so I can drag it to Diana when she asks me if I want to go out for a walk.

Now where is that leash?
New flash of the day.  If you want something in life you have to be bold enough to ask and keep asking until you get what you want. I want to walk around the neighborhood in my new sweater, keeping track of everything and everyone. I’m rarely turned down in my slightly irritating constant requests to go outside.

You also have to pick your moments to maximize your results. If I keep jumping at the door, eager to show off my sweater, even after Diana asks me to sit, I will have to wait longer until the door opens. Argh, that one kills me.

Oh, course I’m impatient. Hello, I’m a dog. I’m a highly excitable terrier that finds patience difficult on a good day. But I’m a super smart puppy. I’m willing to learn and Michael and Diana recognize how good I am and tell me all the time that I’m the best dog ever in the whole world.

I’ve learned a lot this spring and summer. The most important thing I’ve learned is that “good dog” rewards are not demeaning. They are tasty. Plus I’ve also learned that everyone is jealous of my new sweater.


(P.S. - We are making a sweater for my buddy Katey the Pug. Don’t tell her about it. It’s sooooo cute. Katey is kind of girly so we decided to go with pink fuzzy yarn with a row of fancy, sparkly, multi-colored yarn around the neck. Oooohh, la la.)

^ . . ^ Woof

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