Freedom - Safety - Cheese

I have been feeling a bit blue (read whiney, if you wish) because all the holiday excitement is over and the rain has returned (I do live in Seattle…does the rain ever actually go away?).

Last night I could not escape hearing about all the animals that have been devastated by natural disasters all around the world and, through no fault of their own, find themselves in mortal danger and desperate for help. These brave animals cling to their dignity as best they can in the harshest of conditions.

I got mad at myself for being so selfish, sat myself down and reminded myself that I have successfully overcome misfortune and am leading a life of significant abundance now. I rule in a house that is full of love, fun, safety, despised vet visits, known and obvious rules and plenty of space for me to be me.

I have my own chair:

I have my own cheese:

I have my own toys:

I have my own beds (yes, plural. Hey, don’t judge me…):

I have my own computer for blogging and Twitter (don’t tell Diana - she thinks it’s hers):

I even have my own food and plenty of treats:

Allowing me to be a full fledged member of the pack - to roam freely in our house and be an active part of their lives - doesn’t cost Diana and Michael a single cent. The price is minimal but the value has so many zeros that Michael says it's calculated as "...to the 'Nth' power."

Everything else I have is just stuff that I will do tricks for when I’m in the mood. It is extra and unnecessary. Freedom, safety and respect are my rewards for overcoming and learning to trust again. I wish upon all the stars in the sky that these rewards could be normal, everyday occurances for all animals on this planet.

I have no complaints about my life. None at all.

How about you?  What are your wishes?

^ . . ^


Gwen Hanson said...

Hello Miss Pish Posh,

It's nice to see someone who recognizes all her good fortune. We would all do well to emulate you. Thanks for your cheeriness.

Gwen Hanson

Pish Posh Says said...

Dear Gwen: I figured out right away who buys the cheese in this family and I've been working on making them happy ever since. Thanks back to you *tail wags*

Lori @ According to Gus said...

What a great post of all the things you are thankful for! Gus is also thankful for his treats (and his Natural Balance food). And every day, we are thankful for Gus!

Pish Posh Says said...

Hi, Gus & Lori! Thanks for the comment. I'm a very happy gal with people that love me to bits and am so glad that you guys have it the same way! Love, PishPosh