Denied A Mansion

Diana read this article to me today:


My opinion, you ask?

Why, of course, I’ll share it.
Expensive, highly elaborate and detailed dog houses are nice if all your taste is in your mouth and you can’t figure out any better way to spend your money.

Deprived of my own mansion, my own diamonds and my own custom made food, I am still:
  • Loving
  • Playful
  • Sure of my own importance in the world
  • In excellent health (so says the vet on numerous occasions)
  • Happy digging in my small box of toys to find the Himilayan Chew I buried there last week
  • Working hard on my leash aggression issues

  • Convinced that the living room recliner chair was purchased just for me

  • Blessed with humans who saw my potential, pulled me from a kill shelter and saved my life
  • Blissfully unaware that I am deprived of such unimaginable luxuries
Diana and Michael, after comparing our available resources against all the ways we could help, decided that I would still be me without all the elaborate trappings of modern dogdom.

It has also been decided that our economic and time resources would be more beneficially spent helping selected rescue groups & individuals with cash donations, providing handmade Sasha Snuggle blankets for fundraising auctions and focusing on Diana’s new pet loss grief coaching business, Four Paws Coaching.

As with most things in life, we all make decisions – some good and some not so good.  All I humbly (hmmm…this might be the first time I’ve ever used this word…BOL) ask is that you make decisions that help rescue animals live lives of dignity a priority. 

Do what you can to emotionally support or provide economic resources (read: money) to the angels on earth who work hard every day so animals in need can live lives free of fear, physical and emotional abuse, constant hunger and eliminate the shockingly high probability of staring up at the notice of “T.B.D. Tomorrow” taped to our cage in a kill shelter.

If you need any assistance with deciding on a rescue group to help, just ask.  I know a ton that are doing magnificent work and could use a helping hand.

Ok, jumping off my soap box now and returning to other pressing duties…napping...

^ . .^


marley said...

Very wise werds indeed my pal. Well said. Silly humans dont realise a nice comfy place for nappin an some noms is all they need.

NWIPR said...

Miss. Sasha, well put as always. Amazing insight and wisdom. There are many less fortunate and we are called daily to help with the fearful and scared in the shelters here. We can't help without foster homes - just this week we have had to turn down many dogs sitting in need in our WA shelters due to space - dogs that need out very soon and need to have somewhere to go as the shelter is a scary place for them.