Divaness Is Not Rudeness

On my recent visit to Diana’s office in search of the noms she says come from there, I didn’t interact well and opted out of acknowledging the accolades that came my way about how cute I am, how beautiful my fur is and how wonderful it is that I have my own blog, my own YouTube Channel and my own Twitter account. In fact, I wasn’t very nice. At all.

I suppose, if one only gave a cursory review of the situation, one could say I was stressed from the car ride into town.

I suppose, if one was feeling generous, one could say I was stressed by the elevator ride.

I even suppose, if one was feeling magnanimous, one could say I was stressed by entering a new space with new people and smells.

There is another highly probable answer, however. This picture, dug from the vast pictorial archive of my life, gives an indication. The princess from The Princess and the Pea has nothing on me…

Me, resting upon my bed, resting upon my blanket, resting upon my chair

I am a Diva – with a capital D.  In a moment of true diva like self-indulgence, I did not feel like interacting with the strangers clamoring for my attention at that moment.


Why is Diana shaking her head up and down and agreeing with this last statement?

^ . . ^


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Stacy Kowalchuk said...

You got to go to work! That's so awesome! Sorry you didn't enjoy it much, but a true Diva would rather stay home and pamper herself than slave away at the office ;)