Accept No Substitutes

Diana says I’m a Bossy Babe (she actually said a word that sounds like itchy). Absolutely I am. How you going to know what’s going on if you don’t get into everyone’s business? I got left behind once in my life already. It’s not going to happen again.

Sometimes after dinner, we get on the computer. Because I MUST know what is going on, I like to sit on her lap and help. When we are working on my stuff, I wag my tail and stand really close to the screen to see what’s going on. I’m very interested and do a lot of editing for her. But sometimes she plays a game with a character that she designed to look like me. It’s cute, brown, has big ears, and does goofy stuff. Yep, that’s me all right.

I hate this game. If you want to play with me - play with me. I’m right here. My leash is always in sight and my favorite fur bone is always close by. I bark and growl and generally make a huge fuss until she stops playing the game and we do what I want.

If she thinks super deluxe hard, Diana will realize that doing what I want is really what she wants. Yep, the Boss is rarely wrong.

^ . . ^ Woof

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