Blanket Wrangler

It is very busy at our house these days. We are working on important stuff. We are so busy that Michael cancelled the cable TV because we just don’t watch TV anymore.

Michael goes to his boy room after dinner. He is very happy without TV because he likes listening to music much better. He’s been doing top secret important stuff, including whistling and playing with paper - lots of paper. I think its top secret important stuff because I’m not allowed in his boy room. I don’t mind because Diana and I have the girl room just for us. We go in there after our walk in the evening and do girl stuff.

Girl stuff is important stuff too and it’s not secret. I’m barking about what we are doing from the end of my leash, hoping to reach every corner of our world.

We are making blankets for rescue dogs. We are crocheting soft, warm blankets to give to the fabulous people at Northwest International Pet Rescue (NWIPR). NWIPR has agreed to send our blankets along with the newly adopted dogs to their forever homes. NWIPR rescued me and I want to pay them back as much as I doggie can.

Rescue dogs often have nothing in life - just their dignity and the hope of a forever home. Dogs don’t really care about stuff. But a few toys, a safe collar or harness and leash usually are the bare stuff necessities (Fur sure).

We aren’t talking bare stuff necessities here. No way. We are talking new beginnings and grand starts. We are talking about the rest of our lives. Everyone needs something special of their own to take with them on that journey. I am helping.

Actually, I have THE most important job of all. I test drive each newly finished blanket before it is carefully washed and sent off. I sit down, I stretch out, I roll around on and I get wrapped up in each blanket to make sure all the knots hold and the stitches stay in place.

Once I give the paws up, the blanket gets a bath (oooh, yuck. I don’t like baths) then heads out - destined for a good life. This makes me the Head Blanket Wrangler. Cool.

Want one of your own? Slip me some cheese and we’ll talk.

Bark at you later.

^ . . ^ Woof!!!!!

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