Sometimes Being Cute Is Almost Enough

Last night my people were not happy with each other. This is very, very unusual.

At first, I ignored their discussion. I didn’t hear the words “Cheese” or “Car Ride”, so need to stop playing with my new fur bone.

But things were not easy. I felt tension that I could not ignore. I stopped playing and stood next to them. I looked from one to the other, whined quietly and pawed the air towards each other, doing my very dog best to catch their attention.

Shockingly, they didn’t acknowledge me. Ok, fine. Time to pull out my big weapon - demanding plus cute.

I crept between them, my ears flat, and my tail slowly wagging. Once inserted, one human on my right, one human on my left, I turned over and showed my belly. Sure, for some this is a sign of submission and a big doggie no-no. For me, last night, it was a request for them to notice me and realize that they were upsetting me.

Eventually, they acknowledged me and realized that I was upset. They stopped, scratched my belly and said I was a sweet, sensitive, smart dog and they were sorry they upset me. That’s all well and good but I wanted to know I was successful too.

Each human wandered off to do their own projects, back to their normal selves. I travelled back and forth between them, unsettled, unsure.

Tonight should be better. If not, I know a few more tricks that I can use.

^ . . ^ Woof?

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